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Associate Justice

Associate Justice Florentino P. Feliciano

Tenure: August 08, 1986 - December 13, 1995
Appointed by: Aquino

Birthdate: March 14, 1928

Place of Birth: Manila

Children: Josephine Ana, Regina Stella and Roberto Emmanuel

Name of Spouse :
Virginia Toralballa

  1. Secondary : De La Salle College, 1946
  2. Bachelor of Arts, University of the Philippines (summa cum laude)
  3. Bachelor of Law, University of the Philippines (magna cum laude), 1952
  4. Masters of Laws (LLM), Yale University, 1953
  5. Doctor of Juridical Science (JSD), Yale University, 1955; Yale Law Fellow, 1952-1955
  6. Admitted to the Philippine Bar in 1953

Professional Career:
  1. Partner, Sycip, Salazar, Feliciano and Hernandez Law Office, 1962 – Aug. 17, 1986; Co-Managing Partner, Jan. 1, 1981 – Oct. 21, 1983; Managing Partner, Oct. 22, 1983 – Aug. 17, 1986
  2. Associate Justice, Supreme Court, Aug. 18, 1986
  3. Member, House of Representatives Electoral Tribunal, July 7, 1988


Professional and Civil Organizations:
  1. Membre, Institut de Droit International
  2. Member, Board of Directors, International Development Law Institute (Rome), 1986
  3. Member, International Institute of Humanitarian Law (San Remo)
  4. Vice Chairman, Academic Council, ICC Institute of International Business Law and Practice (Paris)
  5. President, Philippine Society of International Law, 1975 – 1983; Member, Executive Council, 1961 – 1989
  6. Member, Executive Council, American Society of International Law, 1987-1990
  7. Member, Philippine Branch, International Law Association
  8. Editor-in-Chief, Philippine International Law Journal, 1964-1975
  9. Member, Editorial Board, Philippine Yearbook of International Law, 1978-1987
  10. Member, Board of Trustees, Philippine Council for Foreign Relations, 1985
  11. Member, Editorial Board, Foreign Relations Journal, 1985
  12. Corresponding Contributor, UNIDROIT, 1990
    Professional and Academic Activities:
  13. Special Attorney, later Head Executive Assistant, Department of Justice, Manila, 1954-1960
  14. Research Associate and Lecturer in Law, Yale University School of Law, 1957-1960
  15. Lecturer, International Law Program, United States Naval War College, Newport, Rhode Island, U.S.A., 1959
  16. Professorial Lecturer in Law, University of the Philippines, Q.C., 1955-1957; 1962-1982
  17. Legal Consultant, Consultative Committee on Establishment of the Asian Development Bank, United Nations Economic Commission for Asia and the Far East; and Preparatory Committee on the Asian Development Bank – Bangkok, Tokyo, New York, 1965-1966
  18. Visiting Scholar, New York University School of Law, 1966
  19. Lecturer, Hague Academy of International Law, Peace Palace, The Hague: “Legal Problems of Private International Business Enterprises,” 1966
  20. Lecturer, Public International Law, First Asian Foreign Service Course, Eastern Regional Organization for Public Administration (EROPA) and the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, Manila, July – August, 1967
  21. Member, Philippine Government Panel of Negotiators on the North Borneo Claim, Bangkok, June-July, 1968
  22. Member, Committee of Experts on Human Rights in Armed Conflicts, United Nations, New York, April, 1970
  23. Lecturer, Hague Academy of International Law External Session: “Legal Regulation of Multinational Business Corporations,” Bangkok, February, 1974
  24. Lecturer, Hague Academy of International Law External Session: “Some Legal Problems of Multinational Enterprises,” Tokyo, Japan, March, 1978
  25. Director of Studies (English Speaking Section), Center for International Studies and Research, Hague Academy for International Law, August – September, 1980
  26. Lecturer, “The Status of Foreign Corporations under the New Corporation Code,” University of the Philippines Law Center, 1982
  27. Lecturer, Symposium on the “Adaptation of Contracts and Government Investment Agencies in Developing Countries,” University of Bielefeld, Bielefeld, Federal Republic of Germany, June, 1983
  28. Lecturer, Symposium on International Commercial Arbitration, March 28, 1985, of the ICC and Korean Commercial Arbitration Board, Seoul; delivered paper on “ The ICC Institute: Its Role in the Development of International Business Law and International Commercial Arbitration”
  29. Lecturer, Symposium on Joint Development of Natural Resources, Section on Energy and Resources, International Bar Association, Singapore, September 1985; delivered paper on “The Joint Development of Mineral Resources in the Philippines”
  30. Lecturer, International Symposium on Pacific Basin Dispute Resolution (San Francisco, California, 26-28 May 1987); delivered paper on “Criteria for Arbitral Decision, Applicable Law and Reasoned Awards”
  31. Lecturer, First Canada – Australiasia Law Conference Canadian Institute of Advanced Legal Studies, Canberra, April 1988; delivered paper on “The Problem of Delay in the Philippine Court System.”
  32. 1990 Sherill Lecturer, Yale Law School – “The Application of Laws: Some Recurring Problems of Judicial Review and Judicial Decision Making.”
  33. 1992 Director, English Speaking Group of the 1992 Session of the Center for Studies and Research at The Hague Academy of International Law, The Hague, The Netherlands, entitled “The External Debt,” from August 17 – September 12, 1992

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