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Associate Justice

Associate Justice Guillermo S. Santos

Tenure: May 27, 1977 - January 23, 1980
Appointed by: Marcos

Birthdate: January 23, 1915
Died: May 04, 1991

Place of Birth: Valenzuela, Manila

Children: Sor Ma. Catalina, RGS, Manuel and Cristina

Name of Spouse :
Eloisa Dar Juan

  1. Bachelor of Laws, University of the Philippines
  2. Master of Laws, meritissimus, University of Santo Tomas
  3. Doctor of Civil Law, meritissimus, University of Santo Tomas, 1957
  4. Certificate of completion of Judge Advocate Course, Air University, USAF, Alabama, U.S.A.
  5. 4th Placer in 1944 Bar Exam

Professional Career:
  1. Instructor, Philippine Military Academy, 1938 – 1941
  2. Capt. FA, Adjutant General’s Service, 1945 – 1946
  3. JAG’s Officer, 10th BCT-UN Force in Korea, 1951
  4. Lt. Colonel, JAG’s, AFP, 1946 – 1954
  5. Chairman, Agricultural Tenancy Commission, 1954 – 1955
  6. Executive Judge, Court of Agrarian Relations, 1955 – 1962
  7. District Judge, Manila Court of First Instance, 1962 – 1970
  8. Undersecretary of Justice, 1970 – 1971
  9. Associate Justice, Court of Appeals, 1971
  10. Judge Advocate General, 1974
  11. Associate Justice, Supreme Court, 1977


Professional and Civil Organizations:

  1. The Agricultural Land Reform Code, Tenancy & Labor Laws by G.S. Santos and Artemio C. Macalinao. Manila: CBSI, 1963. 477p.
  2. Agricultural Tenancy Act of the Philippines: Its History and Its Philosophy A Critical Study.* 1957. 268p. (Dissertation)
  3. Code of Agrarian Reforms Annotated; As Amended by Presidential Decrees. Rev. ed. QC: Central Lawbook Pub., 1973. 434p.
  4. The Law on Agrarian Workers: Agricultural Tenants and Laborers and Practice Before the Court of Agrarian Relations. Manila: Court of Agrarian Relations, 1962. 354p.
  5. The Law on Agricultural Tenancy in the Philippines: Handbook on the Agricultural Tenancy Act, Court of Agrarian Relations and Agricultural Tenancy Commission. QC: Phoenix Press, 1957. 320p.
  6. Martial Law: Nature, Principles and Administration. QC: Central Lawbook Pub., 1970. 156p.
  7. Martial Law: Nature, Principles and Administration. QC: Central Lawbook Pub., 1972. 194p.
  8. Pre-trial: Compromise and Arbitration Procedures by G. S. Santos, Jose Gatchalian and Marlo F. Clutario. QC: Phoenix Press, 1964. 340p.
  9. The Trial Lawyer’s Responsibility in the Judicious and Expeditious Disposition of Cases (a panel discussion), in Law Practice for the Senior Lawyer, 1969.QC: UP Law Center, 1971. p.1-16


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