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Chief Justice

Chief Justice Jose Yulo

Tenure: February 00, 1942 - February 00, 1944
Appointed by: Imperial Command

Birthdate: September 24, 1894
Died: October 02, 1976

Place of Birth: Bago, Negros Occidental

Children: Maria Elena, Jose Jr., Luis, Ramon, Cecilia, and Titing

Name of Spouse:
Cecilia Araneta

Name of Parents:
Sofronio Yulo and Segunda Yulo

  1. Elementary Rizal Institute Intermediate School, 1907
  2. Secondary Occidental Negros High School (until third year)Manila High School
  3. College of Law, University of the Philippines
  4. 3rd Placer in the Bar Exam at the age of 19

Professional Career:
  1. Bruce and Read Corporation Lawyers
  2. Paredes, Buencamino & Yulo Office
  3. Jose Yulo Law Office, 1928
  4. Professorial Lecturer, College of Law, University of the Philippines
  5. Secretary, Philippine Bar Association
  6. Member, National Economic Council
  7. Secretary of Justice, 1934-1938
  8. Chairman, Board of Directors, Philippine National Bank
  9. Chairman, Philippine delegation, Joint Preparatory Committee of Experts on Philippine Affairs, 1937-1938
  10. Assemblyman, 3rd District of Negros Occidental, 1938
  11. Speaker of the Second National Assembly, 1939
  12. Chief Justice, Japanese High Command, January 26, 1942


Professional and Civil Organizations:


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