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[ GTEB MEMORANDUM NO. 90-13, August 21, 1991 ]

Use of Status Inquiry Form

It has been noted that several persons other than duly authorized representatives of CBMW Operators have been undertaking personal and telephone follow-ups and inquiries on behalf of CBMW members.

In order to reduce personal and telephone follow-ups which are found to be time-consuming and in order to facilitate the processing and evaluation of import documents, all CBMW Operators are requested to use the Status Inquiry Form in lieu of personal follow-ups regarding the status of IA applications and amendments requested by their member firms.

Following are the guidelines to be followed in the use of said form:

1.  All forms should be submitted daily by the CBMW Operator to RMIRD through the OSAC Counter not later than 1:30 p.m.

2.  Only IA applications/amendments filed before 12 noon of the preceding day should be included in the Status Inquiry Form.

3.  All forms, duly accomplished by the Ac count Officers and noted by the Division Chief/ Asst. Chief, shall be returned to the CBMW Operator by 4:30 p.m.

4.  No personal/telephone follow-ups shall be entertained by the RMIRD staff concerning status of documents already covered by the Status Inquiry Form.

This memorandum takes effect 17 September 1990 .

Adopted: 21 Aug. 1991

Deputy Director
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