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(NAR) VOL. 16 NO. 1 / JANUARY - MARCH 2005



SECTION 1. The purpose of the IRR is to conform with the letter and intent of Sections 1 and 2 of E.O. No. 177, to wit:


"Section 1. Transfer of the Philippine National Stud Book to the Office of the President.  The operations relevant to the maintenance of the Philippine National Stud Book, including the appropriate personnel, assets and resources, is hereby transferred from the Department of Agriculture to the Office of the President, and then re-assigned to the Philippine Racing Commission".


"Section 2. Rules and Regulations to implement the Transfer.  The Secretary of Agriculture and a Senior official from the Office of the President shall formulate the rules and regulations to implement the transfer of the Philippine National Stud Book and re-assignment thereof to the Philippine Racing Commission.

SECTION 2. The following functions, positions, personnel including their respective budget appropriations, funds, liabilities, assets and resources are hereby transferred to the Office of the President and thereafter reassigned to the Philippine Racing Commission:

A. Philippine National Stud Book (PNSB) or Stud Book and Animal Registration Division (SBARD).

B. The appropriate Personnel are as follows:

  1. Dr. Jose Noel C. Danao - Registration Officer V
  2. Dr. Alejandro C. Cambay, Jr. - Veterinarian IV
  3. Dr. Armando C. Escalante - Farm Superintendent III
  4. Dr. Ramon B. Calinap - Veterinarian II
  5. Dr. Ena R. Masignon - Veterinarian II
  6. Mr. Wilfredo A. Gianan - Registration Officer III
  7. Ms. Marianette S. Birondo - Statistician II
  8. Mr. Vicente A. Brillantes - Clerk III
  9. Ms. Maria E. Rosales - Clerk II

C. Appropriate Assets

All breeding records since the National Stud Farm (NSF) started its operations in 1968, including the following:

  1. Applications for Registration for mares, stallions and racehorses,
  2. Stud Book Returns,
  3. Stallions breeding reports (monthly and annual),
  4. Foaling Slips,
  5. Stud Book Certificates of all imported thorougbred horses
  6. Other reports related to breeding
  7. Equipment related to the Registry, computers, copying machine, and the like

D. Resources

Accumulated blood typing fees related to the Stud Book Registry

E. Others

Personnel service records, leave credits, salaries and other benefits.

F. Before proceeding to their new assignments, the personnel shall clear themselves of work, money, and property accountabilities at the Bureau of Animal Industry.

SECTION 3. The Philippine National Stud Book (PNSB) will have its official address at the 4th Flr., Electra House Building, corner Herrera and Esteban St., Legaspi Village, Makati City. All official records, files and other documents pertaining to the PNSB will be kept and maintained at this address; including computers containing data, files and records, and other matters related thereto. Processing of all applications for registration of racehorses will be done at this office address.

SECTION 4. The Commission shall adopt policies especially the rules and regulations of the International Agreement on Breeding and Racing (IABR), International Stud Book Committee (ISBC) and the Asian Stud Book Committee (ASBC) to ensure the effectivity regulation of the racehorse breeding industry.

SECTION 5. This IRR take effect immediately upon signing and filing with U.P. Law Center three (3) certified copies thereof pursuant to Section 3, Chapter 2, Book VII of E.O. 292.

Adopted: 21 Feb. 2005

Department of Agriculture

  Deputy Executive Secretary for Legal Affairs

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