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(NAR) VOL. 6 NO. 2 / APRIL - JUNE 1995

[ DOE DEPARTMENT ORDER NO. 95-03-10, March 29, 1995 ]


Legal Basis:

Section 32 of RA 7845 Travelling Expenses which states that:

"Officials and employees of the government may be allowed full payment of claims for reimbursement of travelling expenses incurred in the course of official travel, certified by the head of agency concerned as absolutely necessary in the performance of an assignment and supported by receipts, chargeable to the allotment for travelling expenses."


Implement the general provisions of Section 32 of Republic Act No. 7845 in order to meet the actual and reasonable expenditures incurred by the officials of the Department in the performance of their respective official functions.

For the implementation of these provisions, we are hereby recommending the following rates for official trips:

A. Local Trips

1. Plane Fare/Boat Fare - Actual rates determined by airlines or shipping lines

2. Hotel Accommodations - Actual hotel bills for 3-Star hotels (supported by receipts) except for accommodations of key officials from Directors up.

3. Per Diem and Inland travel within the vicinity

  1. P100.00/meal for first class and chartered cities

  2. P90.00/meal for other cities which does not fall under first class and chartered cities.

  3. P80.00/meal for other localities.

4. Other Incidental Expenses (taxi-fares, and other supplies) should be supported by receipts.

B. Foreign Trips

I. Non-Study Trips, Special Missions, Conferences/Trainees and Scholarship Grantees

1. Plane Fare - actual rates as determined by airline supported by receipts)

2. Hotel Accommodations - actual hotel bills but not to exceed US $ 150/day (supported by receipts)

3. Per diem/Clothing - the following allowances shall be granted to:

Clothing Allowance
Daily Allowance
a. Department Secretaries
b. Department Undersecretaries
c. Assistant Secretaries, Bureau Directors, Assistant Bureau Directors and Service Directors
d. Heads of Primary units and Officials of equivalent rank
e. All other employees

In addition to the aforementioned clothing allowances and per diem, members of the Cabinet and persons holding other positions of equivalent rank and all other personnel designated as DOE representative to conferences and meetings shall also be entitled to reasonable expense of US $100/day as representation expense subject to the approval of the Office of the President.

Payment of visa, pre-travel expenses, mailing costs of training materials and other incidental costs supported by official receipts shall be reimbursable and chargeable against the agency's appropriations.

These guidelines shall be effective April 1, 1995.

Adopted: 29 Mar. 1995

Acting Secretary

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