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(NAR) VOL. 6 NO. 2 / APRIL - JUNE 1995

[ LTO MEMORANDUM, March 30, 1995 ]


Pursuant to the directive of the Honorable Secretary of DOTC under Department Order No. 95-847 dated 30 March 1995 "MODIFYING RHD TRUCKS CONVERSION IMPLEMENTATION", copy of which is hereto attached forming an integral part of this Memorandum, you are hereby directed to AMEND accordingly the schedule of implementation as herein stated in toto.

DOTC Department Order No. 94-829 is deemed modified. So likewise, LTO Memorandum on the subject dated March 27, 1995 is superseded and amended accordingly.

For the strict compliance of all concerned.

Adopted: 30 Mar. 1995

Brig. Gen. AFP (Ret.)
Assistant Secretary

DOTC Department Order No. 95-847

Modifying RHD Trucks Conversion Implementation

Following the recommendation of the Inter-Agency Committee of Used Trucks and Engines which reviewed the RHD Implementation as per DOTC Department Order No. 94-829, the schedule of implementation affecting trucks shall be modified as follows:

MV Plates Ending No.
Date of Implementation
1 and 2
  15 July 1995
3 and 4
  15 August 1995
5 and 6
  15 September 1995
7 and 8
  15 October 1995
9 and 0
  15 November 1995

The existing conditional renewal of registration shall continue but all affected vehicles shall be accordingly apprehended and be subject to technical impounding if compliance to the conversion schedule is not met.

For information and compliance of all concerned.

Adopted: 30 Mar. 1995


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