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[ CPA MEMORANDUM CIRCULAR NO. 06-97 S. OF 1997, February 07, 1997 ]


Pursuant to Section 7 [b], [f[, [i], [ j ] and [m], Section 9 [a], [c], [f], and Section 21 of R.A. 7621, and in order to help defray the cost of the maintenance and rehabilitation of port premises caused by port road users, such as six wheelers (& Above) and other costs relative thereto, and/or to raise revenues for the Authority, and likewise to provide procedure for the processing of motor vehicle pass, the Cebu Port Authority hereby promulgate and prescribe the following rates and procedure for the information, guidance, and compliance by all concerned:

SECTION 1.       Scope — The payment of port road user’s fee herein prescribed shall be imposed on all motor vehicle utilizing the port premises belonging to the Authority, in addition to the regulatory and privilege fees imposed under CPA MC No. 02-97 and CPA MC No. 04-97 and other relative issuances.

The procedure herein prescribed shall, however, additionally govern application for passes prescribed under the above-mentioned circulars.

SECTION 2.       Payment of Port Road User’s Fee — There shall be collected from the following motor vehicles an annual port road user’s fee as follows:

Type of Vehicle
Amount of Fee
a)Six (6) Wheeler
b)Eight (8) Wheeler
c)Ten (10) Wheeler
d)Above Ten (10+) Wheeler

Provided, that for purposes of computation of the fee, a prime-mover shall be considered as an above-ten wheeler motor vehicle.

Payment of port road user’s fee shall likewise be collected from vehicles of the same type as the above which have not paid the above annual fee entering the port premises at the rate of Fifty Pesos (P50.00) per entry.

SECTION 3.       Processing of Motor Vehicle Pass — The processing of motor vehicle pass prescribed under CPA MC No. 02-97 and CPA MC No. 04-97 shall be as follows:
a)      Applications shall be filed with the Port Police Division (PPD) of the Authority.

b)      Applications must comply with the documentary and other requirements prescribed under CPA MC No. 02-97 (For Cebu Domestic Port).

c)      The applications shall be in orderly foorm, contained in a folder with the name of the applicant conspicuously indicated thereon and properly indexed and tabbed for faster processing.

d)      After determination by the PPD that the applicant has complied with all the documentary requirements, the applicant shall have his application assessed by the Resource Management Division (RMD) for the payable fees.

e)      After assessment by RMD, the applicant shall pay the assessed amount to the cashier of the Authority. The RMD, however, shall not assess an application which is lacking in documentary and other requirements.

f)       Upon payment of fees, the original of the Official Receipt shall be attached to the applicant’s folder by the cashier and forward the application and other relevant papers for processing to the Marketing Division of the Office of the General Manager.

g)      The Marketing Division shall be responsible for the encoding of the relevant data on the computer and printing of the pass/sticker.

h)      After the pass/sticker is printed in final form, the same shall be attached to the folder of the applicant concerned, the Marketing Division shall then forward the pass/sticker to the PPD for final issuance to the applicant.

i)       All applications documents and the pass/sticker number shall be recorded and safely kept by the Marketing Division.

j)        The Authority reserves the right to deny issuance of pass or to amend, cancel, revoke, or recall any pass/sticker issued when the same is for the public interest and benefit.

k)      No vehicle pass shall be issued to a person or entity with a pending case or an unpaid account with the Authority.
SECTION 4.       Repealing Clause — All circulars, orders, and other issuances issue/adopted by the Authority inconsistent herewith are deemed repealed, amended or modified accordingly.

SECTION 5.       Effectivity — This Memorandum Circular shall take effect fifteen (15) days after publication in a newspaper of general circulation.

Adopted: 07 Feb. 1997


General manager   
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