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[ CSC MEMORANDUM CIRCULAR NO. 1, January 24, 1997 ]


Pursuant to Resolution No. 97-0404 dated January 24, 1997, the Civil Service Commission repeals MC No. 46, s. 1993 and adopts the new Qualification Standards Manual for positions in the civil service and the following policies:

1.         The qualification standards prescribed in the Manual are the minimum and basic requirements of the position.  Agencies, however, are not precluded from establishing higher standards for their positions without any need of approval from the Commission. Where higher standards are established by the agencies, these should be maintained and serve as their guide in the selection of appointees;

2.         In determining the relevance of the education and experience requirements, reference shall be made to the duties and responsibilities attached to the positions and the occupational groupings where they belong;

3.         Appointees to Police Officer and Senior Police Officer positions in the Philippine National Police must have passed any of the following examinations:
a)      INP Entrance Examination;
b)      Police Officer 3rd Class Examination; and
c)      CSC Police Officer Entrance Examination.
Eligibilities resulting from the above examinations shall be appropriate not only for uniformed but also for non-uniformed first level position in the Fire and Jail Bureaus.

Holders of Career Service Subprofessional eligibility may be considered for appointment under temporary status to Police Officer I position in the absence of Police Officer eligibility;

4.         Contractual and casual employees must meet the requirements prescribed by the qualification standards except eligibility, unless special laws such as Board Laws require otherwise;

5.         Qualification Standards for newly created positions shall be prescribed by the Commission upon receipt of the list of the newly created positions;

6.         The educational requirement for appointment to division chief positions which are categorized as such based on the following criteria shall be a masteral degree:
1.    Career positions;
2.    Salary Grade 24, and
3.    The highest positions in the division/department or in the hierarchy as reflected in the Index of Occupational Services (IOS) carrying a Salary Grade of 24;
7.         The degree of Doctor of Medicine, Bachelor of Laws, Doctor of Dental Medicine/Dental Surgery, and Doctor of Veterinary Medicine shall be considered the appropriate educational attainment for appointment to Division Chief positions;
8.         Appointees to the following positions shall not be required to have a masteral degree:
1.    Non-career positions such as casual, contractual, confidential or coterminous;
2.    Positions with Salary Grade allocation lower than 24;
3.    Staff positions with SG 24 or above, such as Executive Assistant VI, Conciliator and others;
4.    Other positions under the Career Executive Service (CES) with salary grade 25 and above;
9.         For certain positions under CSC M.C. No. 11, s. 1996, the Career Service Professional and/or Subprofessional eligibilities are also appropriate. Applicants to these positions need not take the skills test if they already possess the CS Professional or Subprofessional eligibility;
10.       The Career Service Executive Eligibility (CSEE) shall be appropriate to all positions in the third level.

This Memorandum Circular takes effect 15 days after its publication in a newspaper of general circulation.

Adopted: 24 Jan. 1997

Acting Chairman
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