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[ DPWH DEPARTMENT ORDER NO. 54-A, May 21, 1991 ]


For the guidance and compliance of all concerned, hereunder are the implementing guidelines of the provisions of D.O. No. 54:


Basic Highway Maintenance
Equipment (BHME)

1. The list of minimum fleet of BHME to be assigned to each District Engineering Office (DEO[*]) is enclosed and it is understood that such fleet is intended to effectively carry out only the (a) portion of highway Maintenance By Administration (MBA) (exclusive of Maintenance By Contract (MBC) portion) and (b) calamity-related emergency highway repair and rehabilitation.


Regional Director/Equipment
Allocation Staff (REAS)

The Regional Director (RD) thru his REAS shall be responsible for the equitable and optimal allocation and control of the BHME fleet among the various DEO within the region thru:

1. Coordination with the Bureau of Maintenance on the appropriate composition of the BHME which must be constantly assessed and adjusted in accordance with the MBA phase-down plan for optimum equipment utilization and quick response;

2. Inter-DEO transfer of BHME as the need arises in response to relief work in calamity-stricken areas;

3. Issuance of Equipment Request and Rental Order (ERRO) for equipment to be used in any other project outside of national highway maintenance undertaken by administration, subject to payment of rentals.

4. Ensuring that the full 15% of Equivalent Maintenance Kilometer (EMK) allocation for MBA is released to the DEO and spent exclusively for BHME PM parts. The 15% EMK funds may not be used for payment of rentals of private equipment nor to fund highway MBC.


Responsibilities of the District
Engineers (DE)

1. Well-planned scheduling and deployment of the BHME equipment.

2. Efficient operation of the BHME equipment.

3. Determination as to which BHME equipment shall be given priorities in maintenance/repair/rehabilitation.

4. Maintain an accurate record of actual utilization hours and submit weekly and monthly reports not later than 1 week after the end of the period concerned, to the Area Equipment Engineer (AEE) for concurrence and copy furnished the RD and Regional Equipment Engineer (REE).

5. Maintain and accomplish individual logbook for each piece of equipment and submit tear-sheet to the Area Equipment Services (AES).

6. Administer and control the disbursement of the 15 % EMK fund for MBA which must be used exclusively for PM parts and all other fast-wearing consumables.

7. Undertake procurement of these PM parts in accordance with the Quarterly Program of Work (POW) and the Procurement Program (PP) submitted by the AEE and approved by the REE at least 3 months before the beginning of the quarter covered.  The AES shall be represented in the DEO Prequalifications, Bidding, and Awards Committee (PBAC) and the supply delivery Inspection Team whenever the subject PM parts are under procurement.


Responsibilities of the AEE

1. See to it that the BHME are all in good working condition at anytime and should replace deadline units with serviceable ones.

2. Undertake religiously PM servicing (PM 1-PM 4) scheduled strictly on the basis of the utilization hours submitted by the DEO and furnish monthly report of PM servicing to the RD and the REE.

3. Prepare, 3 months before the quarter covered, the POW and the corresponding PP for approval of the REE to adequately support the various PM echelon and anticipated interim repairs.

4. Prepare the Requisition for Supplies or Equipment (RSE) (copy furnished the RES) as based on the approved POW and PP, taking into account availability at the Regional Equipment Services (RES).

5. Undertake procurement of the subject PM parts upon request by the DEO in which case appropriate PBAC and inspectorate team shall be created wherein the DEO must be represented.

6. AES may be authorized by the REE to undertake equipment rehabilitation if the said AES as determined by the REE is capable of undertaking the same.


Distinguishing Marks

To distinguish BHME equipment from the rest of the equipment fleet, a 10-inch wide black strip should be painted around the body of all designated BHME equipment.



BHME equipment must not be diverted to construction projects without ERRO and to contractors without the regular duly approved equipment lease contract, and any violation thereof shall be dealt with administratively.


Release of EMK Funds

Sub-allotment advice covering all releases of EMK funds to the DEO must be furnished the AES.

Implementation of this order shall take effect retroactively upon effectivity of D.O. No. 54 and this supersedes provisions of all issuances inconsistent hereto.

Adopted: 21 May 1991


[*] DEO refers not only to regular District Engineering Offices but also to a sub-DEO, the national section of a City Engineering Office (CEO). The term DE likewise refers not only to the District Engineer but also to the head of the sub-DEO and the head of the national section of the DEO.
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