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(NAR) VOL. 13 NOS. 1-2 / JANUARY-MARCH 2002

[ CUSTOMS MEMORANDUM ORDER NO. 15-2002, MARCH 11, 2002, March 11, 2002 ]



1. To ensure a uniform method of reconstructing import documents.

2. To establish responsibility in the custody of official documents.

3. To provide an efficient and effective manner of reconstructing lost documents.


1. All Offices are directed to designate such personnel as maybe necessary to act as official records and/or custodian of documents in their respective offices;

2. Designated records custodian must maintain such record as may be necessary to ensure an effective and efficient manner of records keeping to ensure that documents and/or data are readily accessible and available when needed;

3. Turnover/transfer of documents from one office/personnel to another must be duly recorded including the receipt thereof.


1.1. A written request for the reconstruction of lost import documents or other official documents shall be filed with the Office of the District Collector in the port where said documents were entered/filed attaching therewith the following:

1.1.1 Affidavit of loss of the person responsible (importer, broker, broker's representative or customs employee/custodian) for the loss of the import document(s) duly registered with the Law Division;

1.1.2 Verified photocopy of the lost import document(s); duly certified document(s) by or on behalf of the importer/broker may be accepted in lieu of the verified photocopy pursuant to Sec. 3515 of the TCCP, as amended.

1.1.3 Proposed reconstructed copy or copies of the lost import documents with the required amount of Customs documentary stamps already affixed thereon;

1.1.4 Print out of the Temporary Assessment Notice and SAD covering the importation to be sourced from the Office of the Chief, FED/WAD or equivalent unit in the outports;

1.2. The duly approved request for reconstruction together with its corresponding attachments shall be forwarded to the Entry Processing Division for selected entries and the Collection Division for Greenlane entries. A Duly designated document processor stamps on the reconstructed document(s) the information "RECONSTRUCTION DULY APPROVED BY THE DISTRICT COLLECTOR"; The Document processor then affixes his/her signature and thereafter transmits, by official messenger, the reconstructed document(s) to the Office where the same was last acted upon.

1.3. Where the request for reconstruction covers document(s) other than import entries the duly approved request together with its attachments shall be forwarded to the concerned office(s) who shall evaluate the same and take action as are appropriate under the circumstances.


CMO No. 47-77 and all other orders, memoranda, circulars or parts thereof which are inconsistent with this Order are hereby deemed amended and/or modified accordingly.


This Order shall take effect immediately and shall last until revoked.

Adopted: 11 Mar. 2002


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