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(NAR) VOL. 11 NO.1 / JANUARY – MARCH 2000

[ DSWD ORDER NO. 18, S. 1997, June 03, 1997 ]


The following guidelines are hereby formulated on the construction of day care center under CIDSS Funds:


The need for a day care center consistently surface among the top ten unmet minimum basic needs (MBNs). Consequently, it is considered as a critical service for disadvantaged families, specifically, for children, considering that the kind and quality of care given to a child during the first six years of life determine what he will be as youth and as an adult. Many parents, however, are not able to provide their children with the proper care and home environment which lead the children invariably suffer from neglect and become socially disadvantaged.

Thus, the need for day care center under CIDSS.


The establishment of day care center in CIDSS areas aims to assist the working mothers by providing opportunities for their children under five years old in the development of their physical, intellectual, socio-emotional, spiritual and language development. Further, this service allows the parents to concentrate on their work with the assurance that their children are taken cared of in the day care center.


The following should be considered in selecting areas for Day Care Construction:

1.         Priority shall be given to targeted CIDSS barangays where MBN results indicate a need for a day care center and/or the clustering of target DCC clients require additional DCC structure.

2.         Target areas should have a lot owned by the barangay, municipality or province or with a provision for tenure of at least 10 years.

3.         The area where the center is to be constructed should be accessible to target beneficiaries, not located near a primary road or within a safe distance from major highways and thoroughfares, should be away from dangerous and unsanitary places, and preferably near the rural health center. It must also have open spaces with trees where the children can have outdoor activities.


The day care center construction is a response to address prevalence of temporarily neglected, abused and exploited children in the form of day care service which provides supplemental parental care to promote the physical, intellectual and social well-being of 0 to 5 years old child, during part of the day when the parents cannot attend to the child's needs.

The project implementation will be facilitated by a trained worker, Day Care Parents Committee, in cooperation with the local government units (LGUs), and other non-government agencies in the locality.


The construction of day care center is primarily the function of the Barangay Council for the Protection of Children from which a Day Care Parents Committee shall be organized as a subcommittee to plan for and manage the implementation of the project. This committee shall be composed of parents of target beneficiaries, a representative of the barangay council and a representative from an NGO if applicable.

The Committee shall be responsible for the following:

A.        Preparation of the project proposal with the Parents Committee as proponent. The project proposal shall contain the following:

1.    Rationale/Justification
2.    Proposed site/location and Deed of Donation and/or MOA
3.    Description to include:

*      Objective/purpose
*      Manpower: who will undertake the construction
*      Procurement, management and control of construction materials
*      Safe-keeping, maintenance and inventory of materials

4.    Program of Work
5.    Detailed Estimates

B.        Creation of different Sub-Committees to be responsible for specific tasks including, the manpower, labor contribution of the community for the construction.

C.        Negotiation with the Local Government for the required LGU counterpart if appropriate.


Construction of the center shall follow the standards and floor plan developed by the Bureau of Child and Youth Welfare which is appended hereto. The building should be structurally safe which can withstand strong winds/typhoons and can protect the children and the equipment and facilities from the heat of the sun and the rain.


The Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) between the Municipal Government and the DSWD shall include the responsibilities of the Municipal Government, the Parents Committee, the Barangay Council and the DSWD. The following shall be considered in the preparation of MOA.

A.        DSWD

1.         Shall review and approve the project proposal, program of work and detailed estimates, and prepare documents such as the Certificate of Availability of Funds and notice to commence work.
2.         Shall conduct periodic monitoring and evaluation to ensure the progress and accomplishment of the project in accordance with the program specifications.
3.         Shall inspect the site before disbursing the fund.
4.         Shall disburse the fund directly to the Day Care Parents Committee as proponent in accordance with existing government rules and auditing procedures.
5.         Shall provide to the LGU the prescribed building design for DCC.
6.         Shall conduct accreditation of day care worker/center and provide skills enhancement opportunities for the Day Care Worker.
7.         Shall monitor and provide technical assistance in the implementation of Day Care Service;
8.         Shall submit pre and post inspection reports to COA.

B.        Municipal Government thru the SRA-TWG or MIAC

1.         Shall prepare the program of work, sketch plan based on prescribed building design and actual project cost.
2.         Shall supervise the construction of the day care center based on the prescribed specifications.
3.         Shall provide funds for training expenses, procurement of ECD program materials and salaries/allowances for day care workers.
4.         Shall create permanent/regular Day Care Worker position.
5.         Shall ensure the provision of other basic services to include water immunization, nutrition and health care among others.

C.        Barangay Council

1.         Shall donate or procure a minimum of 78 sq. m. lot for the day care center and facilitate the processing of deed of donation and other documents.
2.         Shall provide a counterpart fund to ensure completion of day care center.
3.         Shall provide appropriate equipment/facilities. (E.g. tables, chairs, mats, blackboards and other things for early childhood enrichment activities).
4.         Shall maintain the safety and security of the day care center and enforce the enforcement of laws to protect the welfare of the children.
5.         Shall oversee the maintenance and operation of the day care center.
6.         Shall ensure the availability of manpower as counterpart of the community.
7.         Shall provide a counterpart fund to ensure completion of day care center.

D.        Parents Committee

1.         Shall prepare and submit the project proposal to the DSWD Field Office and facilitate in the operation and management of the center;
2.         Shall meet once a month to discuss matters pertaining to the center's operation and serve as a consultative and support group of the project;
3.         Shall manage the fund and procure supplies and materials for the construction of day care center.
4.         Shall submit progress report and liquidation of fund for the construction of day care center.
5.         Shall initiate the preparation of the production of program materials in the center and indigenous toys for children.
6.         Shall identify sponsors and sources for the provisions and materials needed in the day to day activities of the children.
7.         Shall orient the parents on day care services and set responsibilities and expectations of all parties concerned to include maintenance and cleanliness of the center.
8.         Plan activities for parents involvement, i.e., PES, Nutrition Month, Children's Month, Christmas, Family Week, etc.;


A.        Project Cost

1.           Construction of DCC — An amount of not less than P200,000.00 shall cover the cost of materials, labor and finishing excluding the cost for the procurement of lot. A funding assistance of P150,000.00 shall be provided by DSWD and P50,000.00 shall be sourced from LGU/Parents Committee/NGOs to complete such construction.

2.           Repair/Upgrading of DCC — A maximum funding assistance of P80,000.00 shall be provided for the repair of an existing center to comply with the standard specifications. However, the LGU/Parents Committee/NGO shall provide augmentation as counterpart if said fund is insufficient.

B.        Flow of Funds

1.         Funds shall be sub-allotted to the DSWD Field offices.

2.         Field Directors are authorized and held accountable for the following:

a)      Enter into a MOA with GO, LGU and NGO on the construction of Day Care Center funded under CIDSS
b)      Approve vouchers in excess of P100,000.00 but not more than P150,000.00 per barangay and/or within bonding limit per transaction for transfer of funds to GO, LGU for the construction of day care center
c)      Enter into a contract and approve vouchers in excess of P100,000.00 but not more than P150,000.00 per barangay and/or within bonding limit per transaction for the construction of day care centers

3.         Disbursement of funds shall be in accordance with the existing budgeting and accounting rules and regulation.


The Department of Social Welfare and Development shall monitor the progress of construction work and ensure the submission of the duly audited fund utilization report in coordination with the Local Government Units.

Adopted: 03 June 1997

SRA — CIDSS Flagship Champion

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