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(NAR) VOL. 1 NO.1 / JANUARY - MARCH 1990

[ DPWH DEPARTMENT ORDER NO. 5, January 09, 1990 ]


In order to facilitate the approval of requests for change of creditors submitted by Regional Offices (RO), Project Management Offices (PMO), Regional Equipment Services (RES), District/City Engineering Offices (DEO/CEO), the following additional guidelines are hereby prescribed as an amendment to D.O. No. 44 dated April 11, 1989.

All requests for change of creditors submitted to the Asst. Secretary for Comptrollership and Financial Management shall be supported by the following documents/statements/justifications.

1.  Progress report showing original contract quantities, actual accomplishment and balance of work and contract time.

2.  Copy of new contract/new Program of Work showing changes in the scope of work with breakdown of quantities and costings and reasons for deviations from original contract/program of work.

3.  District Statement on the cost to complete and justification/reasons for any deviations/discrepancies from the original cost.

4.  Statement duly certified by the Chief Accountant showing original amount of obligation, balance of obligation, amount paid to old contractor, advanced payments paid and recoupments made on the advance payment.

5.  Action taken to recoup the unpaid portion of the advance payment, if there is any.

This Department Order shall take effect immediately.

For strict compliance.

Adopted: 9 Jan. 1990


Effective: 9 January 1990


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