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(NAR) VOL. 11 NO.1 / JANUARY – MARCH 2000

[ MTRCB MEMORANDUM CIRCULAR NO. 99-01, January 27, 1999 ]


The Movie and Television Review and Classification Board reminds all concerned that NO ONE BELOW EIGHTEEN (18) YEARS IS ALLOWED TO WATCH MOTION PICTURES WITH AN “R” OR “STRICTLY FOR ADULTS” CLASSIFICATION.

Following are the relevant provisions from Presidential Decree No. 1986:

“SECTION 9       Admission to Moviehouses or Theaters — It shall be unlawful for any person below eighteen years of age to enter, to misrepresent of make use of any false evidence about his or her age in order to gain admission into, a moviehouse of theater showing a motion picture classified as “Restricted” or “For Adults Only” by the BOARD. It shall be also unlawful for any employee of a moviehouse or theater to sell to, or receive from, another person known to the former to be below eighteen years of age any admission ticket to the exhibition of motion pictures classified as “Restricted” or “For Adults Only”. In Case of doubt, as to the age of the person seeking admission, the latter shall be required to exhibit hi or residence certificate of other proof of age.”

SECTION 11.     Penalty — Any person who violates the provisions of this Decree and/or the implementing rules and regulations issued by the BOARD, shall upon conviction, be punished by a mandatory penalty of three (3) months and one day to one (1) year imprisonment plus a fine of not less than fifty thousand pesos but not more than one hundred thousand pesos.”

The Board shall not hesitate to file the necessary criminal action against the theater operator and his employees as well as against the minor who misrepresents his age in violation of the law and the implementing rules.

All theater owners/operators/managers are hereby required to display this Memorandum Circular in the ticket booths or such other conspicuous public areas in their respective theaters.

For your information and compliance.

Adopted: 27 Jan. 1999


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