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(NAR) VOL. 12 NO. 1 / JANUARY - MARCH 2001

[ DBM CIRCULAR LETTER NO. 2001-7, March 13, 2001 ]


1.0 Pursuant to Administrative Order No. 4 entitled, "Directing the Rationalization of the Acquisition, Deployment, Utilization and Disposition of Motor Vehicles for Government Operations", dated 27 February 2001, all heads of national government departments and agencies, including government-owned and/or -controlled corporations, government financial institutions and state universities and colleges, are hereby required to submit a comprehensive inventory of their respective motor vehicles, which were acquired or are being maintained/utilized for the implementation of their programs, projects and activities as of 31 January 2001.

2.0 For purposes of AO 4, the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) and the Philippine National Police (PNP) are not required to submit an inventory of motor vehicles that are distinctly for military or police operations.  These agencies are, however, encouraged to maintain respective inventories of such motor vehicles for their own use or other possible application, a copy of which may be furnished the Department of Budget and Management

It is understood that motor vehicles in the AFP or PNP other than those intended for military or police operations shall be covered by the required comprehensive inventory under AO4.

3.0 Completed inventories in the attached prescribed form shall be submitted to the Organization and Productivity Improvement Bureau of the Department of Budget and Management. Mabini Hall, Malacañang, Manila not later than 15 March 2001.

4.0 For strict compliance.

Adopted; 13 March 2001



The Comprehensive Motor Vehicle Inventory form shall present an up-to-date, accurate, and complete report of the existing motor vehicles in the agency (including central and regional offices).  It shall be accomplished as follows:

Column (1)                 No. of Units - indicate the total number of motor vehicles of the same description/specifications

Column (2)                 Description/Specifications - specify the following information:

• brand/model of the vehicle (e.g., Toyota Corolla 1994, Nissan Sentra 1990)

• no. of cylinders and engine displacement

• vehicle type (e.g., sedan, passenger van, passenger wagon, fire truck, ambulance, etc.)

•  usage (e.g., for transport of equipment, personnel, or field workers, etc.)

Column (3)                 Acquisition Date, Mode and Cost - indicate the following:

• date the vehicle was acquired

• manner of acquisition (purchase, transfer, donation, lease, rental, etc.)

• acquisition cost/book value of the vehicle

Column (4) Condition -describe the general state, shape and form (i.e., good running condition, unserviceable, for disposal, (etc.)

Column (5)     Deployment - indicate the following:

• User - the official/employee authorized/entitled to use the transport vehicle, indicating the position (e.g., Director for Legal Affairs, Assistant Secretary for Operations, etc.)

• Organizational Unit - the office/unit/project where the user/motor vehicle is assigned

Column (6)                 Remarks - specify other relevant information on the motor vehicle (e.g., liens and encumbrances, downtime frequency, annual maintenance cost, etc.)
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