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[ LTO MEMORANDUM, January 30, 1997 ]


In the best interest of the service and in order to have a uniform lecture plan for driver examiners conducting the one (1) hour lecture on traffic rules and regulations prior to written examination on licensing, you are hereby directed to follow the belowlisted syllabus:



At the end of the lecture, the driver applicant shall have gained/developed:

1.         Knowledge of the legal bases and requirements needed in securing a driver’s license.

2.         Understanding of traffic laws and regulations, traffic signals and road markings.

3.         Knowledge of traffic violations and their corresponding fines and penalties.

4.         Appreciation of driver’s role, responsibilities and obligations in the promotion of a safe, fast and efficient transport system.

5.         Useful and applicable information and facts on licensing.

6.         Improvement of his attitude, behavior and discipline as a driver of a motor vehicle.


Methods/Procedure of Instruction

1.         Discussion of topics/subjects.

2.         Use of Visual and Audio-Visual Aids/Materials.

3.         Demonstration/Practicum

4.         Group Interaction/Open Forum


Lesson Proper

A.        Presentation and Motivation

This is a brief overview of topics/subjects to be discussed. Motivate and inspire the participants so as to get their interest, readiness and attention to learn.

B.        Subject Matter Content

Subject                                      Time Allotment

1.         Legal Bases and Requirements

Needed for the Issuance of a

Driver’s License      10 minutes

1.1       Rationale and importance of a driver’s license

1.2       Requirements in applying

(a)       SP, (b) NPDL (c) PDL

1.3       Renewals and request for duplicate of lost license/ receipt

2.         Traffic Laws, Rules, Signs and

Road Markings, Their Symbols and Meanings                25 minutes

2.1       Traffic Light Signals

2.2       Regulatory Signs

2.3       Warning Signs

2.4       Informational Signs

2.5       Road/Pavement Markings

3.         Traffic Violations, Fines and

Penalties                                         25 minutes

3.1     Common violations and causes of road accidents

3.1.1       Discourtesy, drunkenness and other undesirable practices

3.1.2       Elements of motor vehicle mechanism and simple troubleshooting
3.2     Tips for prevention of accidents
"An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure"
3.3     Fines and Penalties Imposed by Law on traffic/road violations.

3.3.1       Explain contents of MC 93-693

C.        Summary of Salient Points

1.      Group Interaction/Open Forum

BLT. Ang Drayber na Pinoy, October 1980, 50 pp.

Handout on Driver’s Education Program for Student Drivers, Apprehended Drivers and Other Licensed Drivers.

Requirements and Guidelines in the Issuance of Student Driver’s Permit, Driver’s License and Conductor’s Permit.

R.A. 4136 Land Transportation and Traffic Code.

Santiago, Mariano R. — A Compilation of Edicts Related to the Land Transportation

System of the Philippines, pp. 18-35.

For strict compliance.
Adopted: 30 Jan. 1997

Brig. Gen. AFP (Ret)
Assistant Secretary  

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