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(NAR) VOL. 13 NOS. 1-2 / JANUARY-MARCH 2002

[ DEPED MEMORANDUM NO. 42, S. 2002, MARCH 11, 2002, March 11, 2002 ]


Regional Directors, Schools Division/City Superintendents, Public Elementary/Secondary School Principals

In response to several queries with regard to the expected action of the School Division Superintendents on the recommendations of the School Principal and School Selection Committee, the following clarification is being provided:

1. The School Principal shall recommend a ranking of the applicants screened at the school level. The ranking should have more qualified applicants than the number of teacher positions allocated to the school by the Division Office. This is intended to provide the Superintendent the opportunity to review the choices of the School Principal as well as other candidates evaluated by the School Selection Committee to ensure that all applicants were fairly evaluated and that there was no arbitrariness in the evaluation.

2. After having reviewed the ranking submitted by the School Principal, the Schools Division Superintendent is expected to select from among the qualified applicants contained in the ranking. He/she shall then inform the School Principal of the decision on who will be hired so that the selected applicants will be notified.

3. If the School Principal disagrees strongly with the decision of the Superintendent, the former should immediately inform the latter of his/her objections so that the two officials can discuss and resolve this protest at the division level. The Schools Division Superintendent is advised not to resent the objections raised by the School Principal and should view them in a constructive manner. The discussion should be guided by the objective of hiring the most qualified candidates.

4. Should the Superintendent and Principal fail to resolve the protest at their level, the issue should be elevated to the Regional Director for final decision. The Regional Director is advised to watch out for any arbitrariness shown by the Superintendent and/or the School Principal in the process of evaluation and selection. Resolution of the protest should be expedited in order not to delay the appointment of the selected applicants. The Regional Directors should inform the Schools Division Superintendent and School Principal of the final decision.

For immediate dissemination.

Adopted: 11 March 2002


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