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(NAR) VOL. 13 NOS. 1-2 / JANUARY-MARCH 2002

[ DEPED MEMORANDUM NO. 40, S. 2002, MARCH 6, 2002, March 06, 2002 ]


For the information and guidance of all concerned, the following are the clarifications to the Guidelines on the Hiring of Public School Teachers issued through DepEd Order No. 2, s, 2002:

1. A teacher-applicant who has not received his LET report of ratings may submit, in lieu of the required LET report of ratings, a certification from PRC stating that he has passed the LET. The certification should state the date of the examination, the rating obtained and whether it is for elementary or secondary level. He should also submit the stub of his PRC oath form or a certification of his PRC registration which shows his license number.

2. To determine whether the scholastic achievement of a teacher-applicant is average or above average, please refer to the transcript of records where the assigned ratings for average/above average performance is indicated.

3. Teaching experience may be under provisional or permanent status and may be from public or private school.

4. Practice teaching is not a requirement for appointment to a teacher position.

5. Ranklist prepared by the school principal should be submitted directly to the Schools Division Superintendent and need not pass through the Public Schools District Supervisor.

6. A teacher-applicant who graduated from a school which is not in the list of accredited schools (Annexes B, B-1 and C, DepEd Order No. 2, s. 2002) shall not receive points for level of accreditation under education.

7. Institutions listed in Annex B-1 all have an accreditation level of Level III regardless of their accreditation level found in Annex B.

8. Pending clarification from CHED, external campuses of SUCs shall be assumed to have the same accreditation level as that of the main campus for purposes of the scoring system.

9. Additional/updated listing of SUCs accreditation is enclosed. Only those SUCs with changes in their accreditation level compared to those found in Annex C have been included in this updated list.

For immediate dissemination.

Adopted: 06 Mar. 2002


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