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(NAR) VOL. 15 NOS. 3-4 / JULY - SEPTEMBER 2004

[ LTO MEMORANDUM, August 18, 2004 ]


The recent evaluation of the driver's license applications from the different Licensing Centers showed that the primary cause of rejections is tampered answers on the automated written examination.

In view thereof, all Licensing Centers are hereby directed to properly instruct the applicant-examinees on how to answer the automated written examination.  Specifically, the following matters should be given sufficient emphasis, importance and made an integral part of the thirty minute lecture for written examination.

1.   Manner of answering the questions

All examinees should be properly instructed to be precise and cautious in the selection of their answers and should be properly informed about the correct manner of transcribing their answers to the answer sheet.  The circle that corresponds to the correct answer should be properly darkened to enable the correction machine, Optical Mark Reader (OMR) to read accurately the answer sheets.

2.   Erasures on Answers

All examinees should be informed that erasures, i.e. applications of correction fluid and the like are not allowed and strictly prohibited because these are not recognized and validated by the OMR and, may be construed as tampering of answer sheets.  Licensing rules for Outright Rejects provide that tampering in any form shall cause an outright rejection of the application.

All orders, memoranda, circulars, rules and regulations or issuances in conflict herewith are deemed superseded.

For strict compliance

Adopted: 18 Aug. 2004

Assistant Secretary
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