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(NAR) VOL. 15 NOS. 3-4 / JULY - SEPTEMBER 2004

[ LTO MEMORANDUM CIRCULAR NO. 535-2004, August 23, 2004 ]


It has been observed that there are district offices/licensing centers that do not encode the proper data/entries for the "must" fields that should be included in the database, which is in violation of the Memorandum Circular No. RTL-MC-02374 dated January 10, 2002.

The must fields for MV registration process are the following:

1)   MV Identification such as Engine No., Chassis No., MV File No., Plate Number;
2)   MV Details includes: Type of Vehicle, Classification, Denomination, Make, Series, Body Type, Year Model, Color, Fuel, No. of Cylinder, Piston Displacement, Gross Weight, etc.;
3)   Registration Details; and
4)   Customer Details - Ownership, Contact Numbers, etc.

The new Motor Vehicle Inspection Report (MVIR) must be used as a cross reference of CR/CRE to ensure correctness of data.  All fields in the Individual Information, Contact Information, Ownership and Documentation portions of the form must be properly filled up by the Customer.  All fields in the Identification and Inspection portions of the form must be filled up by the MV Inspector.  He shall be held liable for any incorrect data in the MVIR.

The Application for Driver's License (ADL) is the basis for the encoding process in the driver's license.  All fields are must fields, hence, shall be filled up and properly encoded to capture the driver's license data.

In view hereof, it is hereby directed that Heads of District/Extension Offices and Licensing Centers shall see to it that all entries in the data fields are properly encoded or field up with the correct information before approving such transaction.

Non-compliance hereof shall subject the erring personnel to a suspension of not less than thirty (30) working days.

For strict compliance.

Adopted: 23 Aug. 2004

Assistant Secretary
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