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(NAR) VOL.8 NO. 2 / APRIL - JUNE 1997

[ BOC MEMORANDUM, April 04, 1997 ]


In order to facilitate release of entries subject to examination at DEA, the following instructions are hereby issued for the strict observance of all concerned in all ports with DEA:
1.       The DEA COOV shall forward to the Officer-in-Charge, CIIS, all entries received after forty eight (48) hours from the Collection Division and the containers covered by the said entries have not yet been transferred to the DEA.

2.       The Officer-in-Charge, CIIS shall coordinate with ATI for the transfer of the containers to DEA for immediate joint examination by DEA COO III and CIIS representative. In the absence of the importer/representative, a representative from the Chamber of Customs Broker Inc. shall be made to witness the examination on behalf of the importer/representative.

3.       Extent of Examination. — The shipment shall be subject to 100% examination.

4.       Entry without discrepancy. — Par 4.6.1 of CMO 18-96A governs.

5.       Entry subject for additional payment. — Pars. govern.

6.       Shipment subject for seizure. — Pars to govern.

7.       All rules and regulations inconsistent with this memorandum are hereby deemed repealed, superseded or modified accordingly.

8.       This memorandum shall take effect upon approval.
Adopted: 04 April 1997

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