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(NAR) VOL. 11 NO.3 / JULY – SEP. 2000

[ DA MEMORANDUM ORDER NO. 18, S. 1999, October 04, 1999 ]


WHEREAS, the importation of buffalo meat from India to the Philippines is covered by an existing guidelines, DA Memorandum Circular No. 2, Series of 1998, as amended;

WHEREAS, Department of Agriculture (DA) AO 9, Series of 1993 likewise provides for the rules and regulations implementing RA 7394, otherwise known as "The Consumer Act of 1992" to protect the interests of the consumer, promote his general welfare and to establish standards of conduct for business and industry;

WHEREAS, there is an urgent need to prevent the entry of exotic diseases and eradi­ cate animal diseases which have the potential for causing very serious and rapid spread, create serious socio-economic or public health consequence and which are considered of major importance in the international trade of meat and meat products;

WHEREAS, an integrated, rationalized and transparent rules and regulations govern­ ing the importation of meat and meat products for efficiency in trade while ensuring the protection of the consumer and the animal population against hazards to health and safety are still being prepared in an Administrative Order by DA; or further deliberated in House and Senate Bill on Meat Importation; and

WHEREAS, India is not yet recognized as OIE FMD-free country or zone;

NOW, THEREFORE, I, EDGARDO J. ANGARA, Secretary ofAgriculture, do hereby issue this Order for the imposition of inspection of the Societe Generale de Surveillance (SGS) for all buffalo meat importation from India.

The specific guideline is as follows:

a. SGS must verify health certificate before sealing the reefer containers at the source loading point at accredited abattoir in Aurangabad, Hyderabad and Aligarh. In addition, the containers should be secured with bottle seats provided by the Shipping Company. Each of the seals should bear the distinctive serial number and the same should affixed in the presence of SGS inspectors.

b   SGS must check the seal affixed by them, once the containers arrive in Bombay port for transhipment

c.  SGS should certify the container numbers, contents and quantity, seal numbers and] that the goods have been processed in the accredited plant where they have been loaded.

All orders, rules and regulations or parts thereof, which are inconsistent with the pro­visions of this Order are hereby repealed or modified accordingly.

This Order shall take effect immediately.

Adopted: 04 Oct. 1999


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