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(NAR) VOL.8 NO. 2 / APRIL - JUNE 1997

[ HLURB MEMORANDUM CIRCULAR NO. 03, S. 1997, January 06, 1997 ]


Quoted hereunder is the subject resolution adopted by the Board on 18 December 1996:

“WHEREAS, it is the policy of the government to exert effort towards industrialization for Philippines 2000;

WHEREAS, the manufacture of fibre cement board is a new technology and is not included in the 1980 General Industry Classification (GIC) of HSRC (now HLRB), therefore justifying the need to confirm the industry classification prior to the inclusion in the current industry classification listing;

WHEREAS, there is no local commercial producer of fibre cement board, thus the adoption and commercialization of the fibre cement board will help solve the present problem of the construction sector as its intended use is generally for architectural application such as internal and external walls, ceilings and roof claddings;

WHEREAS, in the stages of the manufacturing process identified as potential source of emissions/pollution are the cement charging, sandquartz milling, material mixing and sheet fishing which will result in the emission of dusts and other particulate matter if not properly controlled, and will render the working condition hazardous; and

WHEREAS, as per evaluation of the Environmental Management Bureau (EMB-DENR) and Department of Science and Technology, the process involved in the manufacture is pollutive and hazardous and the possibility of environmental problem will occur if safety standards are not properly maintained and observed:

NOW, THEREFORE, be it resolved as it is hereby resolved that the listing of industries shall include Fibre Cement Board Manufacturing classified as pollutive and hazardous and shall be allowed use in Medium Industrial Zone (I-2) as per HLRB Revised Model Zoning Ordinance, Fourth Revised Edition.”

For your guidance and information.

Adopted: 06 January 1997

Commissioner and Chief Executive Officer
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