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(NAR) VOL.8 NO. 2 / APRIL - JUNE 1997

[ NTC MEMORANDUM CIRCULAR NO. 4-4-97A, April 16, 1997 ]


In the interim, the following guidelines for the current year shall be followed prior to full implementation of M. C. No. 4-4-97 dated 02 April 1997:

1.         All NTC regional offices shall submit their regular and special Radio Operators examination schedule for the period June to December 1997 not later than ten (10) days after the approval of this circular. However, the GOC, Aircraft (RMAP) and First Class Radio telegraphy (1RTG - code only) examinations maybe conducted by any of the Regional offices using the current guidelines and procedures until the adoption of this guideline, provided that all examinees have complied with all the requirements and to inform the Commissioner in writing of the schedule of examination one week before the actual examination date.

2.         The Information Technology Unit (ITU) shall provide the new Ad Hoc Questionnaires Committee the encoding software not later than April 25, 1997. Said Committee shall complete the encoding of database questionnaires of at least 100 questions per element in diskettes not later than April 30, 1997 and gradually increasing to at least 400 questions per element by December 31, 1997.

The ITU shall complete the installation of examination extraction software as well as the database of questionnaires to all regional personal computer terminals assisted by a representative of the Ad Hoc Questionnaires Committee not later than May 30, 1997.

3.         Sets of morse code tapes (at least five) and its corresponding answer keys shall be prepared by the Ad Hoc Questionnaires Committee for delivery to the Regional Directors upon installation of examination extraction software and database questionnaires which shall be used by the Regional Directors for examination purposes.

4.         ROTSD shall assist and coordinate with ITU in the Formatting of questionnaires’ database.

Adopted: 16 April 1997

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