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(NAR) VOL. 18 NO. 1/JANUARY - MARCH 2007

[ DENR ADMINISTRATIVE ORDER NO. 2007-02, February 02, 2007 ]


Pursuant to the Millenium Development Goals (MDGs) and in accordance with the Philippine Agenda 21 and other related environmental laws, rules and regulations which promote and recognize the critical role of the civil society in the protection, conservation, management and development of the environment and natural resources within the context of sustainable development, a program for partnership between the DENR and the different stakeholders is hereby established.

SECTION 1. Basic Policy - It is the policy of the State to encourage the participation of the civil society in the implementation of its plans and programs. Toward this end, the Department hereby institutionalizes the Kabalikat sa Kalikasan (KsK) which is envisioned to catalyze and sustain a more substantial and meaningful interaction among all stakeholders in the protection of the environment and conservation of natural resources. The Kabalikat sa Kalikasan shall adopt social mobilization as a major strategy and tool that enables people to organize for collective action by pooling resources and building solidarity required to resolve common problems, implement programs, and work towards community advancement and sustainable development. It shall be guided by the principles of transparency, cooperation, complementation, full participation, accountability and mutual trust and respect.

SECTION 2. Goals and Objectives - The primary goals of the KsK are to enhance, strengthen, sustain and institutionalize the partnerships between the DENR and stake-holders as a major strategy in achieving sustainable development. To attain these goals, the following are the objectives:

To provide a venue for the free exchange and sharing of ideas, information, expertise and lessons learned between the government and groups who have a stake in the environment and natural resources within the context of partnership, complementation and transparency;
To develop a mechanism for a joint quick response to urgent issues concerning the environment and natural resources;
To establish a venue for consultation on proposed policies, policy amendments and programs and projects development;
To strengthen and complement existing feedback mechanisms in the implementation of ENR-related policies and programs;
To strengthen and enhance delivery system for ENR-related services; and
To reach out to a wide audience in the dissemination of policies, programs and best practices in the management of the environment and natural resources.

SECTION 3. Strategies - To ensure the success of the KsK, the strategies shall include, but not limited, to the following:

Conduct of regular stakeholders’s forum;
Mutual sharing of lessons and best practices learned;
Development and maintenance of an information system accessible to all partners and the general public.
Complementation of expertise and resources among the partners;
Multi-sectoral approach to the formulation of appropriate recommendations in the resolution of ENR-related issues and conflicts; and
Identification of available support programs and implementation thereof by appropriate partner-stakeholder/s.

SECTION 4.  Implementation Arrangements -

Supervision and Coordination. The DENR Central Office KsK operations shall be implemented by the Special Concerns Office (SCO) which will be under the direct supervision of the Undersecretary for Special Projects and Concerns (SPC)/SOC- MOB. There shall be created Regional KsKs at the regional level which shall be under the direct supervision of the Regional Executive Director (RED).
Secretariat. A Secretariat composed of selected personnel from the Office of the Undersecretary for SPC/SOCMOB and the SCO shall be created to provide support to the Central Office KsK. The REDs shall also organize their respective Secretariats. The Head of the Secretariat shall be designated by the Undersecretary for SPC/ SOCMOB/RED concerned.
The Central Office and the Regional KsK shall be primarily responsible for directing and coordinating all phases of the KsK activities such as:
Serve as convenor between the DENR and stakeholders;
Manage the KsK operations;
Render a monthly report to the Undersecretary for SPC/SOCMOB/RED; and
Coordinate DENR sectoral actions on matters raised under the KsK
Information Dissemination. In coordination with the Secretariat, the DENR Public Affairs Office/Section shall take the lead in the dissemination of information concerning the KsK while the DENR Management Information Systems Division/Unit shall take the lead in posting/updating relevant information in the DENR/Regional DENR websites.

SECTION 5. Sources of Fund - Initial funding requirements for the Central Office KsK shall come from the funds of the Office of the Secretary. For the Regional KsK, funding requirements thereof shall be sourced out from the respective offices. Starting in CY 2007, funding for the KsK shall be included in the DENR regular budget.

SECTION 6. Repealing Clause -   Provisions of existing administrative orders and other official issuances not consistent herewith are hereby repealed or amended accordingly.

SECTION 7. Effectivity - This Order shall take effect fifteen (15) days upon publication in a newspaper of general circulation and upon acknowledgement by the Office of the National Administrative Register (ONAR).

Adopted: 02 Feb. 2007

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