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(NAR) VOL. III NO. 2 / APRIL - JUNE 1992

[ POEA MEMORANDUM CIRCULAR NO. 31 S. 1992, April 13, 1992 ]


Pursuant to Memorandum Circular No. 46, it is herein reiterated that licensed agencies shall source applicants only from the POEA pool of workers.

It has been observed that several licensed agencies have requested for exemption to process the contracts of non-POEA registered domestic workers who have been hired by Hongkong employers prior to the issuance and implementation of Memorandum Circular No. 46.

In view thereof, licensed agencies may undertake the processing of said domestic workers provided that the following documents are submitted to the Administration, particularly the Welfare and Employment Office (WEO), on or before 30 April 1992:

1. Masterlist of non-POEA registered domestic workers hired by the company and undergoing documentation and processing.

2. Copy of the Affidavit of Undertaking, submitted to the Accreditation Branch for the accreditation of the agency's Hongkong principal, that applicants shall be sourced only from the POEA pool of workers.

The POEA shall not entertain the submission of above-stated documents after the deadline. Moreover, licensed agencies shall submit only one masterlist; a second list will not be entertained.

The Administration shall process the contracts of non-POEA registered domestic workers included in the masterlist until 31 May 1992, after which no processing shall be allowed unless the domestic worker is sourced from the POEA manpower registry.

Licensed agencies are urged to ensure that the same workers shall have attended the pre-departure orientation at the POEA before the aforementioned date.  Likewise, periodic reports on the status of POEA-endorsed applications shall be submitted to the Administration for monitoring purposes.

Meanwhile, only name hires whose Employment Contracts have been duly stamped by the Labor Attache's office in Hongkong shall be processed as name hires effective 15 April 1992.

For strict compliance.

Adopted: 13 Apr. 1992

Officer-In-Charge and
Deputy Administrator
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