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(NAR) VOL.8 NO. 2 / APRIL - JUNE 1997

[ SRA SUGAR ORDER NO. 8, February 13, 1997 ]


WHEREAS, it is to the advantage of the sugar industry to fill up the fourth and last quarter U.S. Sugar Quota at the earliest possible time to help prevent over-supply of sugar that may further induce the decline of sugar prices in the domestic market;

WHEREAS, there is sufficient volume of "A" sugar quedan-permits issued during the current Crop-year 1996-1997 for the exclusive filling-up of the Fourth Quarter U.S. Quota;

Now, THEREFORE, under and by virtue of the authority vested in the Sugar Regulatory Administration (SRA) it is hereby ordered that:

SECTION 1.       The "A" sugar quedan permits issued during the current year 1996-1997 shall be used exclusively for the withdrawal of sugar under this order, to fill up the Fourth Quarter U.S. Quota;

SECTION 2.       All forms and/or documents relevant to export of sugar to the U.S. Market as prescribed in circular letter No. 44, Series of 1995-1996, dated 28 August 1996, shall remain in force.

SECTION 3.       The verification of physical sugar quedans qualified for application for export to the U.S. Market for the Fourth Quarter shipment shall be on a first come first served basis.

SECTION 4.       The International Buyer in this quarter must co-shipped to ascertain that the sugar export for the 4th quarter will arrive on time at the final U.S. destination.

SECTION 5.       This Sugar Order shall take effect immediately;

SECTION 6.       Provisions of Sugar Orders, Circular Letters and/or rules and regulations contrary to or inconsistent with this Sugar Order are hereby amended, modified or revoked accordingly.

Adopted: 13 Feb. 1997

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