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(NAR) VOL. 15 NOS. 3-4 / JULY - SEPTEMBER 2004

[ SRA CIRCULAR LETTER NO. 52, SERIES 2003-2004, August 05, 2004 ]


Pursuant to the policy of the Sugar Regulatory Administration (SRA) to undertake periodic assessments of the 2003-2004 sugar/molasses production and withdrawals, the inventory of sugar and molasses stocks and quedan-permits/molasses certificates of 2003-2004/previous crop years, for the purpose of verifying the physical sugar and molasses stored at the mill/refinery warehouses/molasses tanks and reconciling the same with the quedans/molasses certificates that are still outstanding is hereby to be conducted in all operating sugar mills/refineries on August 23-31, 2004 and in accordance with the following:

  1. An Inventory Team (IT) for each sugar mill/refinery is hereby created.

    For sugar mills, each IT shall be composed of the authorized representative each of the mill company, planters' associations/cooperative/federations and the SRA authorized representative as team leader.

    The SRA representative, as team leader, shall see to it that each party mentioned herein is properly represented during the duration of the inventory.

  2. There shall be no withdrawal of raw and/or refined sugar and molasses in all mill/refinery warehouses/molasses tanks during the entire duration of the physical sugar / molasses stock inventory, which should be conducted simultaneously.

  3. The results of the physical sugar/molasses inventory and the sugar quedan/molasses certificate inventory (to be reflected in the attached SRA forms and duly accomplished and certified by the concerned mill/refinery companies) must be submitted by the SRA Regulation Officers assigned at the mills/refineries, respectively, to the Production Control and Regulation Office (PCRO), SRA, Quezon City within Ten (10) calendar days from start of the physical sugar/molasses stock inventory.

Strict compliance of all concerned is hereby enjoined.

Adopted: 05 Aug. 2004

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