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(NAR) VOL. III NO. 2 / APRIL - JUNE 1992

[ CITEM CIRCULAR NO. 2 S. 1991, October 03, 1991 ]


The Department of Trade and Industry, through the Center for International Trade Expositions and Missions (CITEM), is adopting the following pre-qualification requirements as part of the pre-screening phase in accepting participants to international trade fairs and missions:

1. The company must have a total annual gross sales (export and domestic), during the preceding year, of, at least, US$100,000 or its peso equivalent, except for furniture, wherein, at least, US$500,000.00 or its peso equivalent should be met.  Otherwise, the company should be endorsed by its corresponding trade association;

2. The company must have, at least, two (2) years direct export experience;

3. The company must not have any valid complaint filed against it with CITEM or any DTI office;

4. The company must have available promotional collaterals appropriate for the international market (i.e., company brochure, catalogue or product sheet with pictures, price list);

5. The company must have a good credit standing with its bank/s;

6. For new applicants to international operations projects on gifts, toys, housewares, fashion accessories, furniture and furnishings, the company must have participated in the appropriate Market Week, during the preceding year.

The applicant, should, therefore, submit or update the documents/requirements as listed below on or before the deadline set by CITEM Project Managers.  Company data needed for application can be provided by the Credit Information Bureau, Inc. (CIBI) wherein CITEM is making arrangements to obtain the company information for its applicants.  The Project Managers will advise applicants on the CIBI arrangements.
  1. I.O. Application Form

  2. Accomplished DTI Company Profile and Product Sheets

  3. Bank Certifications of Export Earnings (preceding year)

  4. Endorsement for acceptance from any trade association (if applicable)

  5. Certificate of Registration with SEC, BOI, BTRCP (if applicable) and GTEB for garments

  6. Articles of Incorporation

  7. Audited Financial Statement and Income Tax Returns for the past two years

  8. Latest Available Brochures and other promotional collaterals

  9. Export Marketing Plan (using I.O. format)

  10. List of Officers and Contact Person/s

  11. Organizational Chart
Should you meet all the pre-requisites, the Participation Committee shall evaluate your application based on the criteria set by the International Operations Department of CITEM, as follows:
  1. Project Evaluation
    - Market Potential
    - Product Quality and Design
    - Packaging (if applicable)

  2. Production/Supply Capability
    - Existing/Potential Export Capacity
    - Manpower Skills
    - Quality Control Set-up
    - Raw Materials Sourcing
    - Product Dev. Thrust/R & D Set-up
    - Equipment and Machinery
    - Factory Lay-Out/Production Flow
    - Showroom

  3. Management
    - Export Readiness
    - Professionalism/Attitude (Performance in Past CITEM Projects)
    - Organizational Set-up
    - Communication Facilities
Only applicants with complete requirements shall be evaluated.  The screening process shall include evaluation of company's operations as reflected in application documents submitted, product evaluation based on samples and/or brochure/catalogue and production assessment based on factory visits.

We would like to remind applicants that the deposit fee does not guarantee acceptance of application.  All deposit fees paid by companies who will not be accepted shall be refunded accordingly.

For further clarifications you may contact the concerned Division Chiefs of the International Operations Department.

For your information and guidance.

Adopted: 3 Oct. 1991

Executive Director
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