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(NAR) VOL. III NO. 2 / APRIL - JUNE 1992

[ POEA DEPARTMENT CIRCULAR NO. 05-A, April 28, 1992 ]


Further to Department Circular 05, Series of 1992 dated 13 April 1992 providing for the procedures for accreditation of foreign employers/promoters, pre-qualification/recognition of associations of foreign employers/promoters hiring Filipino performing artists and processing of returning performing artists, the following amendments are hereby issued:

SECTION 1. On Duly Recognized Association of Employers/Promoters -

1. The Association's board of directors shall include a well respected, known citizen, preferably a retired high ranking government official.

2. The Association shall transform itself into a non-profit foundation duly registered in the worksite within 6 months from its recognition by POEA.

3. The Association shall be allowed to act for and in behalf of its members in transacting with the Philippine Embassy/Consulate, particularly in the submission and processing of documentary requirements needed in the accreditation of its members and in the processing of their talents.

4. Upon recognition, the Association shall represent to POEA the police clearances of all its members within 3 months.

SECTION 2. On Accreditation of Association - Member Employers/Promoters -

1. Employers/promoters who are bonafide members of duly pre-qualified and recognized associations will no longer undergo individual pre-qualification by the Labor Attache/Philippine Embassy.

2. Members employers/promoters shall also submit to POEA their Certificate of Membership as a requirement for accreditation.

SECTION 3. On Pre-qualification by the Labor Attache/Philippine Embassy of Non-Association Member Employers/Promoters - Employers/Promoters who are not members members of duly recognized associations shall submit the following requirements with English translation to the Labor Attache/Philippine Embassy for pre-qualification:

1. The following shall be authenticated by the Foreign Affairs Ministry:
  1. Company registration

  2. Certified true copy of Tax Payment Certificates for the last two years;

  3. Certified true copy of the last two years' Statement of Accounts showing the financial status of the company including balance sheets, profit and loss statements.

  4. Report to the Japanese Immigration on the current number of deployed talents (for Japan);
2. No derogatory record from the Police Department/Certificate of Identity (Mibun Shomeisho) for Japan;

3. List of pictures and employees;

4. Booking contract between the employer and venue owner;

5. Special Power-of-Attorney in favor of the Philippine agent;

6. Recruitment Agreement between the employer and Philippine agent;

7. Floor Plan of the performance venue indicating the floor areas in square meters.

8. Pictures of the performance stage, dressing room and guests/clients' area.

SECTION 4. On Returning Performing Artist Below 23 Years Old -

1. Returning performing artists who are below 23 years old shall require endorsement by the association in order to be processed by POEA.

2. Returning performing artists of employers/promoters who are not members of duly recognized associations will have to secure a written exemption from the Office of the Secretary for processing by POEA.

This Circular shall take effect immediately.

For strict compliance.

Adopted: 28 April 1992

Acting Secretary
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