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(NAR) VOL. 7 NO. 2 / APRIL-JUNE 1996

[ HLURB ADMINISTRATIVE ORDER NO. 02, S. 1996, February 22, 1996 ]


1. Quoted hereunder is the subject resolution:
“WHEREAS, upon review of the 1995 HLRB Revised Schedule of fees, adopted by the Board on 10 July 1995 under Resolution No. R-573, some oversight/inadvertence/inconsistencies were noted;

WHEREAS, the technical operating units have recommended the rectification and/or amendment and refinement of said schedule of fees so as to eliminate confusion and errors in the computation thereof;

WHEREAS, the Board deems it proper and just to charge lower fees for economic and socialized housing projects as compared to those under PD 957 standards;

WHEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED AS IT IS HEREBY RESOLVED, that the pertinent portions of the 1995 HLRB Revised Schedule of Fees be rectified/amended to read as follows:

I. Zoning/Locational Clearance

A. Residential structure single or detached other than apartments/townhouses, dormitories and subdivision/condominium projects, the project cost of which is:

1. P100,000 and below P100.00  
2. Over P100,000 P100.00+1/10 of 1% of cost in excess of P100,000.00  

B. Apartments

1. Five doors and below P200.00  
2. More than five (5) doors P200.00 + P50.00 for every door in excess of five (5)  

C. Dormitories

1. Ten (10) rooms and below P200.00  
2. More than ten (10) rooms P200.00 + P50.00 for every room in excess of ten (10)  

D. Institutional, the project cost of which is:

1. P100,000 and below P200.00  
2. Over P100,000 P200.00+1/10 of 1% of cost in excess of P100,000.00  

E. Commercial, Industrial, Agro-industrial, the project cost of which is:

1. P100,000 and below P500.00  
2. Over P100,000 P500.00+1/10 of 1% of cost in excess of P100,000.00  

F. Special uses/Special Projects including Memorial Parks, the project cost of which is:

1. P100,000 and below P400.00  
2. Over P100,000 P400.00+1/10 of 1% of cost in excess of P100,000.00  

G. Alteration/Expansion (affected areas/cost of expansion only)     same as original application

H. Temporary Use Permit      P500.00

II. Subdivision and Condominium Projects/Activities (PD 957)

A. Approval of Subdivision Plan (including townhouses)

1. Preliminary Processing

a. For the first 10 hectares P200.00  
b. For every add’l hectare or a fraction thereof P50.00  

2. Final Processing

a. Subdivisions having a density of 66 and above families/gross hectare, per hectare or a fraction thereof

xxx xxx xxx

5. Certificate of Registration and License to Sell (per saleable lot)

xxx xxx xxx

d. Add’l fee on floor area of house/buildings sold with the lot, per sq.m.

xxx xxx xxx

B. Approval of Condominium Project

xxx xxx xxx

2. Final Approval

a. per sq.m. of the total land area                                                                                                                    P2.00

xxx xxx xxx

3. Inspection (per sq.m. of saleable area)                                                                                                         P5.00

xxx xxx xxx

6. Certificate of registration and license to sell

a. Residential (per sq.m. of saleable area)                                                                                                       P10.00

b. Commercial/office                                                                                                                                     P20.00

xxx xxx xxx

III. Projects under BP 220

xxx xxx xxx

B. Condominium (BP 220)

1. Preliminary processing
2. Final approval
  a. per sq.m. of total land area
  b. Add’l cost per sq.m. of saleable floor area
3. Inspection (per sq.m. of total saleable area)
4. Alteration of plan (affected areas only)
same as final approval
5. Building permit (per sq.m. of housing unit)
6. Certificate of Registration and License to Sell (per sq.m. of saleable area)
7. Certificate of completion (per sq.m. of saleable lot)
8. Certificate of occupancy (per sq.m. of saleable lot)

IV. Approval of Industrial Subdivision

xxx xxx xxx

C. Inspection (per hectare)

1. Outside cities    P500.00
2. Within Metro Manila or highly urbanized and independent city P1,000.00

xxx xxx xxx

VI. Approval of Farmlot

xxx xxx xxx

B. Final approval (per hectare) P500.00

xxx xxx xxx

VIII. Other Transactions/Certifications

A. Application/request for:

1. Advertisement approval P200.00  
2. Cancellation/reduction of performance bond P350.00  
3. Lifting of suspension of license to sell P350.00  
4. Extension of time to complete development P350.00  
5. Exemption from cease and desist order P50.00  
6. Clearance to mortgage P350.00  
7. Lifting of cease and desist order P350.00  
8. Change of name /ownership P350.00  
9. Voluntary cancellation of CRLS P350.00  
10. Revalidation/renewal of permit (Condominium) 50% of original fee  
B. Other certifications:

1. Zoning certification
2. Certification of town plan/zoning ordinance approval P75.00
  3. Certification of new rights/sales
4. Certificate of locational viability
5. Certificate of Registration and License to Sell (form) P75.00
6. Others, to include:
a. Availability of records/public request of copies/research works
  b. Certification of no records on file P75.00
  c. Certification of with or without CRLS
  d. Certified true/xerox copy of documents
    1) Document of 5 pages or less P20.00
    2) Every additional page P2.00
xxx xxx xxx

X. Legal Fees

A. Complaint/Opposition, where aggregate claim (for refund, damages, attorney’s fees etc.) is:

xxx xxx xxx

XI. UPLC Legal Research Fee

Computation of Legal Research Fee for the University of the Philippines Law Center (UPLR Fee) remains at ten percent (10 %) of every fee charged but shall in no case exceed P10.00.

XII. Schedule of Fines (no change; refer to existing schedule)

Approved, this 08 January 1996, in Quezon City, Metro Manila.”

2. The amendments were published in Today, on 16 February 1996 and in Malaya on 19 February 1996 and shall be effective (15) days thereafter or on 05 March 1996.

3. Attached as Annex A* hereof is a copy of the Schedule of Fees, as amended, for your reference.

For your guidance, information and compliance.

Adopted: 22 Feb. 1996

Commissioner and Chief Executive Officer

* This Annex (Text available at the Office of the National Administrative Register, U.P. Law Complex, Diliman, Quezon City) has been superseded by Annex A of Memorandum Circular No. 07, s. 1996.
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