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(NAR) VOL. III NO. 2 / APRIL - JUNE 1992

[ CSC MEMORANDUM CIRCULAR NO. 15, April 10, 1992 ]


It has been observed that the Commission has been receiving queries on whether employees who are on scholarship grants either here or abroad may be considered for promotion.

In order to clarify the issue, the Commission pursuant to CSC Resolution No. 92-542 dated April 10, 1992, hereby adopts the following policies on promotion of government employees who are on scholarship grants:

1. Employees who are incumbents of next in rank positions who meet the qualification requirements for the position to be filled and who are on scholarship grants either here or abroad may be considered for promotion.

2. For purposes of promotion, the performance rating of the employee for the last rating period prior to the scholarship grant shall be used as the basis for the promotion.  Such performance rating should at least be Very Satisfactory.

3. The specific policies of the department or agency such as academic standing as a factor in the consideration for promotion, date of assumption to duty, effectivity of promotion and others, may be subject of a collective negotiation by duly accreditated employee association, if any.  In the absence of a duly accredited employee association, the head of the agency may create a Committee with a representative of the rank-and-file employees to decide on the matter.

4. The policies must be included in the Merit Promotion Plan of the agencies to be submitted to the Civil Service Commission.  If the agencies have already an approved Merit Promotion Plan, they shall furnish the Civil Service Commission the addendum provision for inclusion in their Merit Promotion Plan.

Please be guided accordingly.

Adopted: 10 Apr. 1992

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