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(NAR) VOL. 15 NOS. 3-4 / OCTOBER - DECEMBER 2004

[ CDA MEMORANDUM CIRCULAR NO. 2004-10, June 10, 2004 ]


Pursuant to Sec. 3, (a) of R.A. 6939, the Authority shall have the power, function and responsibility to formulate, adopt and implement integrated and comprehensive plans and programs on cooperative development consistent with the national policy on cooperatives and the over all socio-economic development plans of the government.

As such, the Cooperative Development Authority, while effectively implementing its regulatory mandate, may accredit trainors who can assist in cooperative development, particularly along cooperative promotion, organization, training and education.

In order to be accredited, these trainors shall have to undertake a series of training courses that will equip them with the required knowledge, attitudes and skills that will qualify them to perform their given role in cooperative development.

SECTION 1. Title. These guidelines shall be known as the "Guidelines for the Accreditation of Cooperative Trainor/s (ACT)".

SECTION 2. Who May Apply for Accreditation.  The personnel and staff of duly registered Non-Government Organizations (NGOs) which have been recognized by this Authority and others who are actively engaged in cooperative development activities such as promotion, organization, research and education may apply for accreditation as a Cooperative Trainor.

SECTION 3. Qualifications. The applicant must be:

1.   A graduate of related collegiate course/s;
2.   With at least one (1) year experience as a resource person in cooperatives;
3.   Employed and recommended by a CDA-recognized institution which he/she represents; and
4.   Willing to undergo the training program prescribed for the accreditation of trainors.

SECTION 4. Application Procedures. An application for accreditation shall be made in writing in the prescribed forms which must be submitted to the concerned CDA Extension Office.  The said Extension Office shall evaluate and verify the application documents and make arrangements for the provision of the required accreditation training program for would-be trainors.

SECTION 5. Forms. The prescribed application forms are as follow:

1)   Application for Accreditation;
2)   Personal Data Sheet with a 2x2 picture supported by a recommendation letter written by the CDA-recognized Institution where he/she is affiliated.

SECTION 6. Accreditation Fee. An Accreditation fee of P500.00 shall be paid to the Authority.

SECTION 7. Term of Accreditation. The Accreditation of Cooperative Trainor (ACT) shall have a term of one (1) year, and renewable every year at the discretion of the Authority.

SECTION 8. Renewal of Accreditation. The application for Renewal of Accreditation shall be made by submitting the following requirements:

1)   A duly accomplished application for Renewal of Accreditation;
2)   A certification that the Trainor is still connected with the CDA-recognized institution;
3)   A report of trainings conducted/assisted as duly certified by the CDA-recognized institution;
4)   An Evaluation Report on the Trainor's performance (must at least be satisfactory) issued by the CDA-recognized institution and a certification from the same institution that he/she has completed a total of 30 hours as a cooperative resource person in the previous year;
5)   A letter from the CDA-recognized institution addressed to the CDA Extension Office Director (Regional level) or to the Executive Director (National level) recommending the renewal of accreditation; and
6)   A renewal fee of P300.00.

SECTION 9. Capability Building for Accredited Trainor. As a part of the CDA's support to its recognized institutions, capability building and other support activities will be arranged by the Authority.

SECTION 10. Cooperative Trainings Conducted by the Trainor. All cooperative trainings conducted by the trainor must follow the prescribed syllabi, learning modules and the length of prescribed period for maintaining quality standard.  In case a trainor is sent by the CDA-recognized institution to other regions, he/she shall have to officially coordinate with the concerned CDA Extension Office and provide it with a photocopy of his/her Identification Card (ID).

Relative to the foregoing, the CDA-recognized Institution and the Authority shall jointly issue a Certificate of Training Completed to each Trainor together with an Identification Card (ID) that will serve as proof that said trainor is duly accredited.  The CDA Extension Office Director (Regional level) or the Executive Director (National level) shall be the authorized co-signatory in behalf of the Agency to the said ID card.

Approved by the Board of Administrators on its regular meeting and shall take effect on June 10, 2004.

Adopted: 10 June 2004

Acting Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
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