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(NAR) VOL. 15 NOS. 3-4 / OCTOBER - DECEMBER 2004

[ DENR ADMINISTRATIVE ORDER NO. 2004-62, October 12, 2004 ]


Pursuant to Section 9 of DAO 2004-55 and DAO 2004-58 both dated August 31, 2004, the following fees and guidelines pertaining to the registration of threatened, non-threatened and exotic faunal species under the jurisdiction of the DENR, are hereby promulgated for the information and guidance of all concerned.

SECTION 1. Policy and Objectives - In consonance with the policy of the State to conserve, manage and protect is wildlife resources and to encourage the sustainable use of these resources for the benefit of the present and future generations, all wild faunal species including exotic species being possess and maintain are required to register with the DENR.

SECTION 2. Coverage - The registration shall apply to threatened, non-threatened and exotic faunal species in the possession of private person(s) and entities.  Further, the registration shall also apply to animals being maintained in parks, zoos, aviaries, circus, shows, rescue centers and resorts and the like for recreational, educational, research and/or scientific purposes.

All widlife acquired/purchased from legal sources (facilities with Wildlife Farm Permit, Wildlife Collector's Permit, Certificate of Accreditation and Registration, Memorandum of Agreement or any DENR clearance/permit) shall also be registered.  Legally acquired animals may be exempted from the Certificate of Wildlife Registration Fee.

SECTION 3. Fees - The issuance of the CWR for non-threatened fauna species shall be imposed with the following fees:

1. Fauna classified as non-threatened species:
a. 1- 50 hd.
- no registration fee except for the minimal fee of P50.00 to cover administrative cost and services
b. 51-100 hd. - P500.00
c. 101-200 hd. - P750.00
d. 201 and above - P1,000.00

2. Fauna classified as threatened species (mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians and insects)
a. 1 - 5 hd.
- P3,000.00
b. 6 - 10 hd. - P4,000.00
c. 11-20 hd. - P5,000.00
d. 21 - 30 hd. - P6,000.00
e. 31 and above - P7,000.00
Except for species classified and listed as critically endangered which shall be imposed a fee of P5,000.00 per head.

3. All conservation projects being implemented by the Philippine Government Agency/Office or entity are exempted from payment of fees provided in this Order.

SECTION 4. Requirements - Each applicant shall submit the following requirements:

a. Duly accomplished application form (to be secured at the DENR Field Offices);

b. Documentary Stamp (to be affixed on the Certificate of Wildlife Registration);

c. Inventory list of wildlife;

d. Registration fee.

SECTION 5. Responsibilities of CWR holders - The following shall be the responsibilities of the CWR holders -

5.1 Provide markings or identification tags, where appropriate, for the parental stocks and progenies;

5.2 Allow authorized DENR personnel access to the wildlife and facilities for inspection and monitoring purposes;

5.3 Acquire additional stocks only in accordance with the existing laws, rules and regulations and only from facilities with permits from DENR.

5.4 Submission of the following:

a. Annual inventory report;
b. Acquisition reports within 15 days from acquisition of new or additional stocks. Provided that, new or additional stocks shall only be acquired pursuant to the provisions of this Order;
c. Production report within 30 days from the birth/hatching or production of captive-bred individual;
d. Mortality report supported by necropsy report issued by a licensed Veterinarian within 30 days from the death of the animals;

5.5 Conduct of other wildlife activities using the registered wildlife shall be undertaken in accordance with the pertinent provisions of this Order.

SECTION 6. Local Transport - The transport of wild faunal species from the registered facility to another within the country shall be accompanied by a permit secured from the nearest DENR Office.

SECTION 7. Limitation - The CWR does not confer the holder the privilege to collect animals from the wild or to purchase, exchange or to receive any wild faunal species including its by-products from illegal sources.  Further, the CWR does not confer the holder the privilege to loan or make the animals as collateral for any transaction or financial obligation.

The trade of registered threatened wild faunal species listed under DAO No. 2004-15 dated May 22, 2004 is prohibited.

SECTION 8. Privileges of CWR Holders - CWR Holders shall be entitled to the following privileges:

8.1 Utilize the registered wildlife as an income generating resource through recreation and educational activities;

8.2 Engage in the captive breeding of registered wildlife and enter into a profit-sharing scheme with the DENR, subject to pertinent provisions on commercial trade/use of wildlife under this Order and to the following:

a. Only the registered progenies or those included in the List of Economically Important Species shall be used for commercial purposes;

b. A Wildlife Farm Permit must be secured from the DENR Regional Office in accordance with the provisions of this Order;

c. Facilities for captive breeding of species and subspecies listed under CITES Appendix I must also be registered with the CITES Secretariat if the species are intended for export.  Further, all progenies produced shall be marked/tagged, where appropriate, following the procedures prescribed by the DENR;

d. Only captive-bred species that are listed under CITES Appendix I may be traded locally.  If intended for exportation, existing rules and regulations on commercial trade of CITES species must be complied with;

e. Exportation of progenies shall be subject to issuance of necessary export documents by DENR pursuant to existing laws, rules and regulations

8.3 Engage in the exchange with and/or donation of owned progenies to other CWR Holders.

8.4 Avail of technical assistance from the DENR, its Office and employees on matters pertaining to management of wild fauna species in their possession.

8.5 Local trade or transfer/exchange of registered non-threatened faunal species shall be allowed, provided that such sale/exchange is registered with the nearest DENR Office.  These non-threatened species include, among others, species of tree sparrows, chestnut manikin, nutmeg manikin, red avadavat, white breasted manikin, quails, crested myna, budgerigars, cockatiels, and finches (exotic).

8.6 However, the transfer of registered threatened species may be allowed only to an immediate member of the family within the 3rd degree of affinity or consanguinity, provided that same shall also be registered with the DENR Office.  In the absence of the aforementioned relatives, threatened species shall only be transferable to DENR or any government institutions duly accredited by DENR.

SECTION 9. Revocation/Cancellation of CWR - Deliberate disregard of the provisions of this Order shall result to the automatic cancellation of the CWR and shall cause the confiscation of all existing animals in favor of the DENR, without prejudice to the application of other measures as provided for by existing laws, rules and regulations.

SECTION 10. Repealing Clause - All Order, memoranda, circulars inconsistent herewith are hereby repealed and/or amended accordingly.

SECTION 11. Effectivity - This Order takes effect immediately.

Adopted: 12 Oct. 2004

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