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(NAR) VOL. 7 NO. 2 / APRIL-JUNE 1996

[ POEA MEMORANDUM CIRCULAR NO. 15 SERIES OF 1996, March 25, 1996 ]


In pursuance of the agreement reached at the meeting of the Entertainment Industry Advisory Council (EIAC) on 14 March 1996, and in order to address the need to act expeditiously on requests for age exemption which were filed as far back as December 1995, the following procedures and requirements shall be implemented effective immediately and until such time that the recommendation of the EIAC to dispense with the process of requesting exemption from a minimum age requirement shall have been acted upon by the Secretary of Labor and Employment:

1. All request for exemption from the age 23 requirement shall be addressed to the Secretary of Labor and Employment.

2. The request will be submitted by the licensed placement agency to the Employment Contract Processing Branch (ECPB) for evaluation.

3. Each request shall be supported by the following documents:

3.a. the Artist Record Book or proof of favorable academic and skills test results;

3.b. an Affidavit to be executed by the licensed placement agency/recruitment entity containing the following:
3.b.1. that the agency/entity has ascertained that the name, age and birthdate of the artist are true and correct;

3.b.2. that the agency/entity has ascertained that the artist, singly or as part of a group, has a track record of local or overseas performances in major establishments for at least one year; and

3.b.3. that appropriate welfare and monitoring and programs are being undertaken at the worksite under an agreement between the individual agency/entity and his principal or between the Association of Philippine agencies and the Association of foreign principals/promoters.
3.c.  the booking contract;

3.d. the Certificate of Eligibility or visa as the case may be; and

3.e. prior exemptions from the age requirement granted by the Secretary of Labor and Employment, if any

4. All requests which meet the abovementioned requirements shall be endorsed by the Administrator of POEA to the Secretary of Labor for his final approval.

5. Likewise, all requests which do not meet the abovementioned requirements shall be forwarded by the Administrator of POEA to the Secretary of Labor for his signature the letter of denial.

Any false information or violation of the provisions of the Affidavit mentioned in this Circular shall mean institution of the process for cancellation of the license of the agency/entity.

This Circular shall supersede provisions of other Circulars dealing with the same subject matter that are inconsistent herewith.

For your guidance and strict compliance.

Adopted: 25 March 1996

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