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(NAR) VOL. 12 NO. 1 / JANUARY - MARCH 2001

[ PMO MEMORANDUM CIRCULAR NO. 01-99, January 20, 1999 ]


Pursuant to Sections 26, 27 of Article VIII and Section 43 (C-7), Article XI of Presidential Decree No. 857 as amended; with the applicable provisions of PPA Administrative Orders 13-77, 09-82; 16-95 and in order to prevent and control marine/oil pollution and to ensure quick/immediate response/remedial actions during emergencies/contingencies, all concerned are hereby enjoined/reminded to comply with the following:
  1. Placement/positioning of oil spill boom before the start of discharging or loading operation of oil/fuel products.

    1.1 A contingency preparedness measure to be complied by concerned shipmaster/ crew in coordination with the concerned consignee or personnel of oil plant depot.

    1.2 To ensure effective and immediate control/containment of oil spills from immediately spreading in case of any incidence of oil spillage or leakage within the Nasipit Port cove or at other harbor areas in PMO Nasipit.

    1.3 PPA port services/operations personnel to closely coordinate with personnel of the Philippine Coast Guard, Nasipit Station to ensure efficient compliance of this contingency preparedness measure.

  2. Proper, efficient and safe handling of the dangerous oil/fuel products cargoes.

    2.1 To be observed/implemented by the concerned cargo handling contractor in closer coordination with ship's crew and the consignee/oil plant depot personnel.

    2.2 PPA port services/operations personnel shall coordinate with personnel of the Philippine Coast Guard-Nasipit Station, for closer supervision and monitoring of actual discharging or loading operation of dangerous oil/fuel products.

    2.3 This shall ensure smooth/safer operations and prevent the occurrence of any untowards incident that may cause oil spillage, leakage and marine pollution

  3. Presence and readiness of an emergency/contingency plan(s) by shipping/ship's crew, consignees/shippers of oil/fuel products, oil plant depot personnel, PPA PMO Nasipit, Philippine Coast Guard, DENR and other concerned entities.

    3.1 Shipping/ship's crew in closer coordination with the consignees/shippers of oil/fuel products and the oil plant depot personnel must have a ready emergency/contingency plan{s) for immediate activation during the occurrence of oil leakage/spillage.

    3.2 PPA personnel shall closely coordinate with personnel of the Philipine Coast Guard - Nasipit Station to ensure the presence and readiness of a well-coordinated port emergency/contingency plan{s) for immediate activation in case of the occurrence of oil leakage/spillage.

  4. Appropriate linkages and cooperation with other government agencies, the LGUs, NGOs and other concerned port users shall be undertaken and maintained for a more concerted efforts and well-coordinated activities for the prevention and control of marine/oil pollution, maintenance of a clean/blue harbors/seas and the protection of marine life and natural resources within our seas/waters and harbors.
For information, guidance and immediate compliance.

Adopted: 20 Jan. 1999

Acting Port Manager
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