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(NAR) VOL. 6 NO. 2 / APRIL - JUNE 1995

[ BFAD BUREAU CIRCULAR NO. 1, S. 1995, February 16, 1995 ]


The Secretary of Health under AO No. 39 s. 1994 has ordered the phase-out of Potassium Bromate as flour-treatment agent in bread-making. Pursuant to the same order, the following guidelines for the orderly phase-out of Potassium Bromate in bread-making are issued:

Flour Millers

1. This sector may continue using potassium bromate for flour maturation at a maximum level of 15 mg/kg or < 15 ppm until the end of 1995.

2. On or before 30 April 1995, this sector shall make available bromate-free flour in commercial quantity for those who will have to conduct the bake tests, and for the bakeries that are ready to use non-bromated flour.


1 During the phase-out period from 01 March 1995 until 30 September 1995, the bakeries' sector shall limit the use of bromated improvers at levels that will not exceed the addition of 15 mg/kg (ppm) of Potassium Bromate.

2. Beginning October 1, 1995, this sector shall no longer be allowed to use bromate improvers or any other bromate containing bakery ingredients, except bromated flour with < 15 ppm Potassium Bromate.

3. Individual bakeries may make a claim that their bread products are bromate-free only if they do not use bromated flour nor bromated bread improvers or any other bromate-containing ingredients.

Suppliers of Bakery Ingredients

1. This sector is encouraged to immediately make available bromate-free bread improvers to allow the bakery industry to test these products as replacement for the bromated improvers.

2. This sector may continue marketing bromated bread improvers until their existing inventory is consumed but not later than 31 July 1995.

3. This sector shall clearly indicate in their product labels the bromate content and appropriate dosage instructions to ensure that the bakers' usage level do not exceed the 15 mg/kg (ppm) increment limit for bromate during the phase out period.

The flour-based industries are urged to support a nationwide campaign to inform and train the bakers on the proper use of bromate-free improvers and non-bromated flour in bread production.

Further, the creation of the BFAD-Industry Task Force for the phase-out of Potassium Bromate on August 30, 1994 is hereby confirmed. The said task force is composed of the representatives of the following organizations:

1. Bureau of Food and Drugs (BFAD)
2. Philippine Association of Flour Millers (PAFMIL)
3. Chamber of Philippine Flour Millers (CHAMPFLOUR)
4. Philippine Federation of Bakers Association (PFBAI)
5. Filipino Chinese Bakery Association (FCBAI)
6. Asian Baking Institute (ABI)
7. US Wheat Associates (US WHEAT)
8. Edward Keller (ED KELLER)
9. Philchem Laboratories (PHILCHEM)
10. Citizen's Alliance for Consumer Protection

The said task force shall assess the situation of the industry and consumer sectors before September 30, 1995 and recommend further policy issuances regarding Potassium Bromate as flour treatment agent, as needed.

The tentative date for the final phase-out of Potassium Bromate as a flour treatment agent is set on December 31, 1995. This date, however, shall be considered final unless another issuance superseding this Circular will be issued.

Adopted: 16 Feb. 1995


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