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(NAR) VOL. 14 NOS. 1-2 / JANUARY - MARCH 2003

[ LTO MEMORANDUM CIRCULAR NO. RTL-MC-03432, March 10, 2003 ]


In lieu of the temporary plates specified in Memorandum Circular 82-028 dated 08 June 1982, all employees are hereby required to adopt the following procedures in assigning the temporary number in the Motor Vehicle Registration System (MVRS) of the LTO IT System:

a. The temporary number will only be assigned in cases where there is no physical plate available in the LTO offices.

b. A range of Temp 01 to Temp 10 will be used as temporary number to all classifications and Motor Vehicle types.


Classification Motor Vehicle Motorcycle
Private TMP01 TMP02
For Hire TMP05 TMP03
Government TMP06 TMP08

c. For New Registration, the MVRS shall assign a temporary number wherein one (1) year collection can be applied; For Change Classification, the temporary number ending should have a similar ending number with the previous plate number.

d. The LTO Office shall issue an Authorization Letter to allow the owner to use an improvised plate. The owner is required to use the MV File Number as the plate number;

e. In case a motor vehicle with no plate number assigned (manually processed) applies for any miscellaneous transaction, a temporary number shall be assigned in the Data Take One module of the MVRS to follow the format specified above.

f. Upon availability of the physical plate number, the LTO office shall update the plate number field using the MV Maintenance Facility of the LTO IT system. The LTO is required to indicate the assigned plate number in the OR/CR. The motor vehicle owner is also required to surrender the Authorization to use improvised plates;

g. No surcharge shall be collected in case a motor vehicle with temporary number fails to register within the weekly deadline for its renewal registration.

h. For vehicles with temporary number, the MV File Number, Engine Number or Chassis Number will be used as search criteria in the MVRS.

i. An inventory of motor vehicles with temporary number can be generated at the Approving Officer or DOSYSADMIN role of the LTO IT system.

j. Over or under collection shall be applied to the ensuring renewal registration of the motor vehicle.

For your strict compliance.

Adopted: March 10, 2003

  Assistant Secretary

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