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(NAR) VOL. 18 NO. 1/JANUARY - MARCH 2007

[ LTO MEMORANDUM CIRCULAR NO. RIB-2007-821, February 27, 2007 ]


Reports have reached this Office pertaining to the numerous Requests for System Update (RSU) by the various DO/LCs/EOs particularly on the reprinting of the written examination questionnaires and rescanning of answer sheets. Further, it has been observed that the practice is becoming rampant to the extent of jeopardizing the integrity of the system. The reason/s cited in the RSUs were common procedural errors resulting from employees’ lapses or negligence in the implementation of the system.

In order to address this issue and prevent the abuse of this practice, guidelines in the generation of the questionnaires for license examination and scanning of answer sheet are hereby made for uniform implementation, to wit:

A.  Guidelines in the Generation of Questionnaire for Written Exam

  1. The examiner shall ask the examinee the type of questionnaire to be generated (English/Tagalog).

  2. The examiner shall generate the type of questionnaire selected and the applicant is required to sign the answer sheet. Cut off time for the generation of questionnaire is up to 4:00 PM only because answer sheet must be checked within the same day of generation.

  3. If the printed questionnaire is defective, the examiner shall click “No” in the confirmatory message “Did it print correctly?”.

  4. If the printed questionnaire is not defective, the examiner shall click “Yes” in the confirmatory message “Did it print correctly?”.

  5. Questionnaires shall not be allowed to be brought out of the examination room. During lunch break, questionnaires shall be collected by the written examiner. If the examinee does not return to the examination room before 5:00 PM, the answer sheet shall be automatically checked.

  6. Reprinting of questionnaire through RSU shall not be allowed (LTO IT system allows reprinting of questionnaires). However, if due to printer problem, screen shot of the error message and the questionnaire printed shall be attached to RSU if not resolved within the agency level and same shall be forwarded to PMO for further investigation and resolution.

  7. Refer to Quality Manual, WI-OPD-013, Work Instruction in the conduct of Written Examination to License Applicants specifically 3.4 of the procedure details.

B.  Guidelines in Scanning of Answer Sheet

  1. Examiner shall see to it that the answer sheet is properly shaded before feeding it to the OMR.

  2. The answer sheet shall be properly fed into the OMR to ascertain effectiveness of its performance.

  3. Refer to Quality Manual, WI-OPD-013, Work Instruction in the Conduct of Written Examination to License Applicant specifically 3.8 of the procedure details.

  4. Manual checking of automated examination is not allowed.

  5. If there is a system error and the same cannot be resolved within the agency level, a screen shot of the error message shall be printed and shall be attached to the RSU and to be forwarded to PMO (if rescanning is necessary.)

For strict compliance.

Adopted: 27 Feb. 2007

Assistant Secretary
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