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(NAR) VOL. 6 NO. 2 / APRIL - JUNE 1995

[ CSC MEMORANDUM, June 25, 1995 ]


Please be informed that CSC Memorandum Circular No. 7, s. 1995 (Revised Guidelines and Operating Procedures on the Local Scholarship Program) (full text quoted below) and Office Memorandum No. 23* dated May 4, 1995 (Availment of CSC Employees of LSP) has been ordered void and without force and effect by the Commission in its meeting of May 22, 1995.

In this connection, the Management information Office, the Human Resource Development Office, the Central Administrative Office and the various CS Regional and Field Offices and other CSC Officials concerned are requested to cancel said issuances and make the necessary corrective measures, if such have already been disseminated to concerned agencies/parties.

You are also requested to give a report on the matter to the Secretariat as soon as possible.

Adopted: 25 June 1995

Board Secretary VI

"Memorandum Circular No. 07, s. 1995

Revised Guidelines and Operating Procedures on the Local Scholarship Program (LSP)

Pursuant to the establishment of the Local Scholarship Program (LSP) and to make the program more responsive to the needs of the scholars and/or their agencies, the Commission hereby adopts the following policies on LSP, to wit:

1. The LSP is open to all government employees at all levels who want to pursue a masteral degree program for one-and-a-half (1½) years or eighteen (18) months.

2. The LSP grant may be deferred for one school year, provided the reason for such is meritorious.

3. Refund of tuition and other school fees defrayed by the CSC shall no longer be required from a scholar who dropped from his/her classes because of serious illness as certified by a government physician. Should he/she intend to participate anew in the program, said scholar shall be allowed to compete again in the LSP assessment processes.

4. If an administrative case is filed against a scholar while on scholarship, the scholar shall have the following options:

a. Discontinue studies until the case is resolved.

b. Continue studies, but in case found guilty, refund to the CSC all expenses incurred by the Commission and to the agency all salaries and emoluments granted while on scholarship.

However, if an administrative case is filed after a scholar has been officially granted a scholarship, and the scholar has not yet commenced his/her studies, the scholarship shall be held in abeyance. The scholar shall be allowed to avail of the grant only after the case is resolved.

5. A scholar studying on official time but who is requested to report from time to time, need not be required to clock in his/her time of arrival and/or departure.

6. A scholar who accepted a temporary appointment before the start of the scholarship or while in scholarship shall no longer be eligible to avail of the grant.

This Memorandum Circular supersedes MC No. 26, s. 1994. Other issuances on the implementing guidelines and operating procedures of the Local Scholarship Program inconsistent with these guidelines are also hereby superseded.


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