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(NAR) VOL. 1 NO.3 / JANUARY - MARCH 1990

[ SRA SUGAR ORDER NO. 13, May 08, 1990 ]


WHEREAS, to insure prompt and full shipment of sugar to fill the balance of the U.S. quota in the quantity of 46,113 M.T., it is necessary to set forth and Implement appropriate guidelines;

NOW, THEREFORE, by virtue of the powers vested in this Office, it is hereby ordered that:

SECTION 1.       The balance of 14, 992 M.T. (after shipment on M/V Federal Bergen) and the additional quota d 31,121 M.T. effective April 27, 1990 shall be filled by exporters in accordance with the following priorities:

First Priority (holders of regular "A" quedans):

1.    Producers-exporters with no previous shipments to the U.S. during the crop year 1989-1990.

2.    Exporters with no previous advance-swapped shipments.

Second Priority (advance-swap):

1.    Producers-exporters still milling after May 31 ,1990, and with SRA-approved program for replacement from their 1990-1991 "A" (Ex.: VICMICO, San Carlos, BUSCO, Don Pedro, Ormoc, HIDECO, DASUCECO, CASUCO).

2.    Exporters on a pro-rata basis on performance/shipments vs. 1989 U.S. quota and with program for replacement with 1989-1990 and 1990-1991 "A" sugar approved by this Office.

SECTION 2.       Any exporter who has not fully liquidated his previous advanced-swap exports shall) not be allowed to participate in the filling of the U.S. quota until such time as he has compelled with his obligation.

SECTION 3.       All applicants as defined under Section 3 of SRA Sugar Order No. 10, dated March 14, 1988 submitted to SRA as of May 15, 1990 shall be considered under Section 1 hereof.

SECTION 4.       The quantity of 45,783 M.T. shall be shipped on two (2) vessels, nominations for which shall be subject to the approval of this Office.

SECTION 5.       All provisions of Sugar Orders, Circular Letters, rules and regulations inconsistent with or contrary to this Order are hereby modified, amended or revoked accordingly.

Adopted: 8 May 1990


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