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(NAR) VOL. 15 NOS. 3-4 / OCTOBER - DECEMBER 2004

[ EXECUTIVE ORDER NO. 377, October 22, 2004 ]


SECTION 1. Declaration of Policy. - It is hereby declared the policy of the State to ensure the sustainable development of Boracay Island as a priority tourism destination.  To this end the government shall plan, undertake, and cause the implementation of support projects and programs to preserve the attractiveness of Boracay and adjoining islands or areas as a tourism destination.

SECTION 2. Creation of a Special Tourism Zone. - Boracay Island is hereby proclaimed as a Special Tourism Zone.

SECTION 3. Empowering Eminent Persons to Oversee Boracay Tourism Development. - To ensure the effective implementation of the above-stated policy, there is hereby recognized the existence of a group of eminent persons concerned with the sustainable development of Boracay Tourism.  From such a group, The President of the Philippines shall designate a Boracay Eminent Persons Group empowered to oversee the sustainable development of Boracay tourism in behalf of the President of the Philippines and the Secretary of Tourism.

SECTION 4. Territorial Scope. - The territorial scope of Boracay tourism shall cover the island of Boracay consisting of three (3) barangays of Yapak, Balabag, Manok-Manok, all the islets around it and Barangay Caticlan in the Municipality of Malay in Mainland Panay Island.

SECTION 5. Principal Area of Activity. - The principal area of activity of the Eminent Persons Group shall be in Boracay Island.

SECTION 6. Powers. - The Eminent Persons Group shall have the following powers:

a.    Formulate plans for the sustainable development of tourism in Boracay;
b.    Recommend to the Philippine Tourism Authority such rules and regulations as may be necessary to ensure compliance with the requirement of the Island's sustainable development;
c.    Advocate to the people of Boracay, to their elected official in the barangay, municipal and provincial levels and to the national government, the policies that will foster the sustainable development of Boracay;
d.    Prioritize the major projects of Boracay as consistent with the plans for sustainable development;
e.    Coordinate enterprises within Boracay which may be necessary to the sustainable development of Boracay;
f.     Cause the proper land use projects and practices for Boracay and its marginal islands;
g.    Ensure the preservation of the natural and cultural heritage of the island.

SECTION 7. Private Sector Nature. - So long as the Eminent Persons do not require government funding for their activities, they shall not lose their private sector character.  If they so request and receive government funding for their activities, they shall acquire the nature of government officials.

SECTION 8. Group Secretary. - The Eminent Persons Group shall be serviced by a Group Secretary who shall be a government official appointed by the President of the Philippines.

SECTION 9. Appropriations. - The amount as necessary for the compensation and operating expenses of the Group Secretary shall be appropriated out of the funds of the Philippine Tourism Authority.

SECTION 10. Separability Clause. - Any portion of this Executive Order that may be declared unconstitutional shall not have the effect of nullifying other portions or provisions hereof, as long as such remaining portions or provisions can still subsist and be given effect in their entirety.

SECTION 11. Repealing Clause - All order, rules and regulations and issuances, or parts thereof, which are inconsistent with this Executive Order, are hereby revoked, amended or modified accordingly.

SECTION 12. Effectivity. - This Executive Order shall take effect immediately.

Adopted: 22 Oct. 2004.


By the President:

Executive Secretary
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