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(NAR) VOL. 12 NO. 1 / JANUARY - MARCH 2001

[ SRA CIRCULAR LETTER NO. 19, S. 2000-2001, March 08, 2001 ]


In view of the need to determine the respective pro-rata shares of the different national producers in the CY 2000-2001 sugar production, all concerned sugar mill companies and planters' associations/cooperatives are hereby directed to accomplish and submit to SRA the attached form (SRA Form-1 for the mills and SRA Form-2 for the planter's associations/ cooperatives.

For the Mills:
SRA Form-1 should be duly certified by the Corporate Secretary of the mill company attesting to the following information:

1.  Affiliation of the mill company with the following national millers organization:
a Philippine Sugar Millers Association, Inc. (PSMA)
b. Association of Integrated Millers, Inc. (AIM)
c Philippine Independent Millers Association, Inc. (PIMA)
2.         Total gross production for CY 2000-2001 of the mill company distributed into mill share and individual shares of the planters' associations/cooperatives, indicating therein both volume and percentages.

If there are unaffiliated planters, their total shares and percentage should also, be indicated.

3.  Affiliation of the planters' association/cooperative with any of the national planters organizations:
a.  Confederation of Sugarcane Producers Association, Inc. (CONFED)
b.  National Federation of Sugarcane Planters, Inc. (NFSP)
c.  United Planters Federation of the Phil., Inc. (UNIFED)
d.  Panay Federation of Sugarcane Planters (PANAYFED)
For Planters' Associations/Cooperatives:

SRA Form-2 should likewise be duly certified by the Corporate Secretary of the planters' association/cooperative attesting to its official affiliation with any of the aforesaid national planters' orgnizations.

If the association/cooperative is affiliated with more than one national aggrupations, fact should be stated and the proportion of membership with each national organization in percentages (in the absence of which, the membership shall be deemed equally distributed).

The accomplished forms (SRA Form-1 for mills and SRA Form-2 for planters association) shall be submitted immediately, right after the milling operation of CY 2000-2001, to the Production Control and Regulation Office (PCRO), SRA, Diliman, Quezon City, through the district Regulation Officer assigned to the mill concerned.

This Circular Letter shall take effect immediately.

Adopted: 8 March 2001

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