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(NAR) VOL. 10 NO. 2 / APRIL - JUNE 1999

[ DECS ORDER NO. 60 S. 1999, June 02, 1999 ]


  1. The policy prohibiting the collection of contributions during the period of enrollment from pupil/students of public elementary and secondary schools is hereby modified to allow collections of authorized contributions provided these are made on a voluntary basis and are not made a requirement for admission or for clearance purposes in case of transfer of pupils/students to other schools.

  2. For SY 1999-2000 the following collections are authorized to be collected from pupils and students of public elementary and secondary schools:

    a. Identification Fee

    Not more than P15.00

    b. Boy Scouts of the Phil.

    Not more than P25.00

    c. Girl Scouts of the Phil.Not more than P25.00
    d. Phil. National Red CrossNot more than P5.00
    e. School Publication Fee(For Elementary School pupils)Not more than P40.00
     School Publication Fee (For High School students)Not more than P50.00
    f. School Organization Fee (For High School students)

    Not more than P50.00

    g. Anti-TB Fee (For Elementary and High School StudentsNot more than P5.00

  3. Parent-Teacher Associations (PTA) or Parent-Teacher Community Associations (PTCA) are authorized to collect an annual PTA or PTCA fee in an amount to be determined by the PTA or PTCA members themselves at a meeting called for the purpose; provided such collections are made on a voluntary basis, are not required for admission or transfer purposes, and are collected by PTA/PTCA representatives themselves and not by the public school teachers. Prior to collection, the following reports are required to be submitted to the school principal: 1) PTA/PTCA resolution approving the collection of PTA/PTCA fees for current school year; and 20 report on receipts and expenditures of PTA/PTCA fees collected in the preceding school year.

  4. Any violation of this Order including cases of unauthorized collections or authorized voluntary collections made a requirement for admission or transfer will be dealt with administratively.

  5. For strict compliance.
Adopted: 02 June 1999

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