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(NAR) VOL. 16 NO. 1 / JANUARY - MARCH 2005

[ OWWA MEMORANDUM OF INSTRUCTIONS NO. 012, S. 2004, February 18, 2005 ]


Pursuant to OWWA MOI No.005, Series of 2004, OWWA shall produce the Certificate of Attendance for Overseas Performing Artists (OPAs) who completed the Comprehensive Orientation Program for Performing Artists (COPPA).

To ensure systematic issuance of COPPA Certificates, the following guidelines are hereby instructed:

    1. Certificates shall be picked-up and received by duly authorized representatives of CALEA, OPAP and PASEI from the OWWA Policy and Program Development Office (PPDO). The respective executive officers of these industry associations shall be responsible in monitoring the issuance and keeping the integrity of the certificate.

    2. OWWA shall provide the NGO PDOS Providers with the serial numbers of certificates distributed to Industry COPPA Providers.

    3. The Certificate shall be signed by the duly registered industry and NGO PDOS Trainer and authorized official upon completion of the COPPA first day and second day, respectively.

    4. The OPAs shall receive the Certificate from the industry COPPA Trainer right after the first day session, and shall present the same to the NGO COPPA Trainer on the second day.

    5. Both the industry and the NGO COPPA Provider shall maintain their own Control Number to be written/printed below the signatures of Trainers.

    6. Both industry and NGO COPPA providers shall send a monthly report to OWWA-PPDO pursuant to OWWA MOI No.13, Series of 2003.

    7. Existing rules on Revocation of Registration as PDOS Provider shall be enforced in case of non-compliance to this MOI after due process.

    8. The COPPA Certificate has a validity of three (3) years provided that the OPA shall be deployed to the same country.

This Memorandum of Instructions shall take effect immediately.


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