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[ DECS ORDER NO. 8, s. 1997, February 10, 1997 ]


As a result of complaints aired in Cebu City in 1996 that certain textbooks containing gross errors were being used by some private schools, the Department conducted an evaluation of such textbooks to verify the complaint. Relative thereto, the following directives are hereby issued:

1.  The following textbook titles are hereby ordered to be immediately recalled/discontinued in use by all schools, whether public or private, for containing gross errors:
- Mendoza, Laura, Civics and Culture for Filipino Youth Grades I-VI, St. Bernadette Publications, Inc. 1994 Manila

- Alcodia, Editha M. Science and Health for a Better Life Grades I-III, St. Bernadette Publications, Inc. 1994 Manila

- Aragones, Helen, et. al., Science and Health, Learning and Living Series Grades I-III, Vibal Publishing House, Inc. Manila

- Coronel, Carmelita, et. al. Science and Health, Learning and Living, Grades IV-VI, Vibal Publishing House, Inc., Manila 1995
In order to rectify errors in teaching that may have been imparted in schools who used these textbooks, a corrective Teacher’s Guide should be issued by the division promotional staff in the subjects concerned as a remedial measure before the school year ends.

2.  In order to ensure that similar occurrences of this nature are prevented, all Regional Directors and Schools Superintendents are hereby directed to organize Local Textbook Review Task Forces to conduct a review of textbooks and other instructional materials being used by both public and private schools in their respective areas of supervision, and to immediately recommend appropriate corrective action on those found with gross errors.

3.  As a complementary measure, all heads of private elementary and high schools are enjoined to strengthen their respective textbook review and adoption procedures in order to improve the quality of textbooks being adopted by such schools.

4.  It is desired that all Regional Directors and School Superintendents take appropriate measures to ensure that all textbooks and instructional materials being used in their respective areas of jurisdiction be free of gross errors beginning School Year 1997-1998. A report of action taken by each region to achieve the objectives of this order shall be submitted to the undersigned not later than May 15, 1997.

5.  It is desired that this Order be circularized to all public and private elementary and high schools immediately.

For strict compliance.

Adopted: 10 Feb. 1997


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