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(NAR) VOL. 14 NOS. 1-2 / JANUARY - MARCH 2003

[ PPA MEMORANDUM CIRCULAR NO. 04-2003, February 17, 2003 ]



1.1 Sections 2f, 6a (iii), and 23, PD 857
1.2 Article V and VII of PPA Administrative Order No. 13-77 (General Port Regulations of PPA)


These guidelines shall govern the operational and documentary procedures on the discharging, loading, entry/receiving and exit/release of domestic containers/cargoes at South Harbor.


3.1 To systematize procedures on the movement of domestic containers/cargoes at South Harbor.
3.2 To ensure efficient and safe handling of domestic containers/cargoes.
3.3 To safeguard the financial interest of the Authority.


4.1 Authority — Philippine Ports Authority
4.2 GPR — General Port Regulations (PPA Admin Order No. 13-77)
4.3 ATI — Asian Terminals Incorporated
4.4 DL — Discharge List is a receipt prepared by the ship management of all cargoes to be unloaded from the vessel.
4.5 TCS — Terminal Control System is a record keeping system maintained within the terminal in keeping track on the movement, arrival, condition, storage and departure of containers from the port.
4.6 PPA-TO — Philippine Ports Authority-Terminal Office
4.7 CY — Container Yard
4.8 PPA-TS — PPA Terminal Supervisor
4.9 PBL — Proforma Bill of Lading
4.10 BL — Bill of Lading
4.11 EIR — Equipment Interchange Receipt is a receipt issued by the cargo handler to the truck driver acknowledging the containers’ transfer to the terminal custody.
4.12 GP — Gate Pass is an arrastre document issued by the delivery checker to consignee or his representative or broker for the release of cargo after all obligations have been paid.
4.13 CHE — Cargo Handling Equipment
4.14 VMT — Vehicle Mounted Terminal is an area in the port where all the containers stacked thereat are mounted on chassis.
4.15 DLTS — Discharging/Loading Tally Sheet is a record prepared by the cargo handler checker detailing the cargoes discharged/loaded from/unto the vessel.


  5.1 Berthing of Domestic Vessel

5.1.1 Ship agent files application for berth with ATI within 24 hours before arrival of the vessel.
5.1.2 ATI evaluates and approves the application for berth depending on the availability of berth in Pier 13 and Pier 15.
5.1.3 Vessel shall be berthed at the approved berth assignment.

  5.2 Vessel Discharging Operations

5.2.1 Shipping Line furnishes ATI an electronic copy of the Discharging List and Cargo/Container Manifest.
5.2.2 ATI uploads the data to the Terminal Control System (TCS) and prepares Discharge List.
5.2.3 ATI transmits a copy of the Discharge List and Manifest to PPA Terminal Office (PPA-TO) for information and reference.
5.2.4 ATI undertakes discharging
5.2.5 ATI moves discharged container to CY for stacking at designated locations.
5.2.6 ATI summarizes and finalizes the discharging operations and generates the Discharge List.
5.2.7 ATI secures PPA-TS or his representative’s signatures on the Discharge Summary.

  5.3 Vessel Loading Operations

5.3.1 ATI obtains from Shipping Line an electronic copy of Booking Summary.
5.3.2 ATI uploads the data to the Terminal Control System (TCS) and prepares loading plan.
5.3.3 ATI transmits a copy of the loading plan to PPA Terminal Office for information and reference.
5.3.4 ATI moves containers from CY to the apron.
5.3.5 ATI undertakes loading.
5.3.6 ATI summarizes and finalizes the loading operations and generates the Load Summary.
5.3.7 ATI secures the PPA Terminal Supervisor’s or his representative’s signature on the Load Summary.
5.3.8 ATI integrate the discharging and loading information into the Discharging/Loading Summary (DLS).
5.3.9 ATI furnishes a copy of the DLS to PPA Terminal Office to serve as input in their operational liquidation process on a per vessel per voyage basis.

  5.4 Cargo Entry/Receiving

5.4.1 Trucker presents the Proforma Bill of Lading (PBL) to shipping line at the CY-02 gate.
5.4.2 Shipping Line processes booking of containers and issues Bill of Lading (BL).
5.4.3 ATI-TCS prints and issues Equipment Intercharge Receipt/Gate Pass (EIR/GP) to the Trucker. The EIR/GP indicates/shows designated container stacking location
5.4.4 Trucker proceeds to designated area for container grounding.
5.4.5 ATI Cargo Handling Equipment (CHE) operator informs/updates the TCS of container location through the use of the Vehicle Mounted Terminal (VMT).
5.4.6 Trucker proceeds to exit gate.
5.4.7 ATI gatekeeper scans EIR/GP updating the TCS of the receipt of container and departure of the truck.
5.4.8 PPA Terminal Office receives a copy of EIR/GP from ATI Gate Keeper which shall be used for checking/counterchecking payments of port charges.

  5.5 Cargo Exit/Release

5.5.1 Trucker presents the Bill of Lading to the Shipping Line at CY-02 gate.
5.5.2 Shipping Line processes the request for the release of container/cargo.
5.5.3 ATI prints and issues the equipment interchange receipt/gate pass to the trucker. The EIR/GP indicates the location of the container at the CY.
5.5.4 Trucker proceeds to designated area for mounting of container.
ATI cargo handling equipment (CHE) operator updates the TCS of container location through the use of the Vehicle Mounted Terminal (VMT).
5.5.5 PPA CY Terminal Supervisor or his representative approves EIR/GP presented by trucker after counterchecking the same against discharging list and retains a copy thereof. The EIR/GP shall serve as basis for the Terminal Supervisor in checking/counterchecking payments of port charges as part of the operational liquidation process on a per vessel per voyage basis.
5.5.6 Trucker proceeds to the exit gate.
5.5.7 Trucker presents EIR/GP to ATI Gate Keeper for container inspection and scanning and to the Port Police assigned at the exit gate for verification that the container/cargo loaded on the truck is the same as that stated in the EIR/GP.
5.5.8 ATI Gate Keeper scans EIR/GP and TCS is informed/updated of the release the container and departure of the truck.


The Port Manager through the Port District Manager may recommend for approval to the General Manager additional guidelines which are necessary to effectively attain the objectives herein set forth.


All PPA orders, circulars, regulations, guidelines which are inconsistent herewith are repealed or modified accordingly.


This Circular shall take effect fifteen (15) days following its publication in a newspaper of general publication.

Adopted: 17 Feb. 2003

  General Manager

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