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(NAR) VOL. 14 NOS. 1-2 / JANUARY - MARCH 2003

[ PPA PMO-LIMAY ADMINISTRATIVE ORDER NO. 01-2003, March 26, 2003 ]



1.1 Section 6 a) (ii) and (IX), PD 857 as amended 

1.2 Sections 67, 85 and 142 of PPA Administrative Order 13-77 

1.3 Executive Order 513 dated 16 November 1978


No person or vehicle shall be allowed to enter the premises of the Authority at its Terminals in Lamao and Orion unless: 

2.1 The person has a legitimate business or purpose, and with a permit/pass issued by PPA. 

2.2 The person(s) is/are working in private or government offices situated inside the port and they have identification cards issued by their respective offices. 

2.3 The vehicle is owned by a PPA employee.


3.1 To regulate the entry to, exit from and movement within the port of persons and vehicles. 

3.2 To ensure the security and safety of the port, the public, and the port users.

4. Scope

This order is applicable to the Baseport of Lamao and TMO Orion and shall cover vehicle and pedestrians entering the said premises unless otherwise provided for in this Administrative Order.


5.1 PPA shall refer to the Philippine Ports Authority 

5.2 PMO Limay shall refer to Port Management Office-Limay 

5.3 TMO Orion shall refer to Terminal Management Office — Orion 

5.4 PDM shall refer to the Port District Manager, PDO Manila/Northern Luzon 

5.5 PM shall refer to the Port Manager, PMO-Limay 

5.6 PPD shall refer to Port Police Division, PMO-Limay 

5.7 Vehicle shall refer to cars, pick-ups, trucks, and other related means of transport excluding motorbikes, tribikes (whether motorized or manually driven) and other similar means of transportation. 

5.8 Access pass shall refer to the identification card(s) issued by a private or government agencies located inside the port. 

5.9 Pedestrians shall refer to persons with legitimate business inside the port


Port Police Division — PMO Limay shall carry out the implementation of this PMO-Limay Access Regulations/Pass Control System. In terminals where there is no Port Police Officer, the implementation of this Access Regulation shall be vested with the Terminal Supervisor. PPD and other implementing unit(s) of PMO-Limay shall strictly observe the relevant provisions of the PPA Revised Delegation of Authorities approved by the PPA Board Committee through Resolution 2001-808 and adopted by the PPA Board of Directors through Resolution 1896 and effective January 1, 2002. These provisions are as follows:                     

"Initiating Unit
VIII. Authority to Issue/ Approve Annual Vehicles Pass


A. Up to two (2) years
B. Issuance of Annual Vehicle Pass
PPD Manager

IX. Authority to Issue/ Approve Annual Pedestrian Pass


A. Up to one (1) year
PPD Manager

X. Authority to Issue/ Approve Temporary Vehicle/Pedestrian Pass


A. Up to seven (7) Calendar Days

Manager, PPD
B. More than seven (7) Calendar Days


7. Detailed Guidelines 

7.1 Access to PMO-Limay 

The control of entry to and exit from the terminals of PMO Limay of pedestrians and vehicles shall be the responsibility of the Port Police Division — PMO Limay. The security guards of the PPA contracted security agency shall assist the Port Police Division PMO-Limay in the exercise of this responsibility. 

At the Terminal Management Office-Orion, PMO Limay shall coordinate with the Local Government Unit of Barangay Puting Buhangin, Orion for assistance in the implementation of this Administrative Order. However, upon deployment of PPA hired security guards, PPD PMO-Limay shall utilize them in the implementation of this Administrative Order. 

7.2 Vehicles and pedestrians with PPA decals and identification cards/day pass respectively, issued by PMO Limay shall be allowed entry to the Port. 

7.3 Classification of Passes 

  The following passes may be issued to PMO Limay port users:  

7.3.1 Vehicle Pass — This pass is in the form of a celluloid decal with the logo and color of PPA, the signature of the Port Manager, the year of issuance and a control number. Annual Vehicle Pass — This pass shall be valid for a maximum period of two (2) years or less. However, all passes regardless of the date of issue, shall expire on December 31 of the 2nd year following its issuance. Temporary Vehicle Pass — This pass shall have a validity of seven (7) days or more from the date of its issuance. A temporary vehicle pass shall be used only in the Terminal where it was issued.

7.3.2 Pedestrian Pass — This pass is in the form of an identification card, using the official color and logo of PPA. This must be laminated and worn/displayed at all time while inside the port. Annual Pedestrian Pass — The laminated pass shall be valid for a period of one (1) year from the date of its issuance. Temporary Pedestrian Pass — This is in a printed form containing the personal data of the applicant. This pass shall be valid for seven (7) days but not to exceed two (2) weeks.

  7.4 Applicants for Issuance of Passes 

  Vehicle and/or pedestrian passes shall be issued to the following applicant(s):

  7.4.1 Annual Vehicle Passes shall be issued to the following: Private vehicles of employee(s) of government offices and private companies holding offices within the premises of PMO-Limay. Vehicle of shipping lines and their employees, traders, delivery truck workers, and other persons engage in any port related business in the port.

  7.4.2 Temporary Vehicle Pass shall be issued to the following: Vehicles of shipping lines, persons, employees, traders, laborers, truckers in paragraph and without any Annual Vehicle Pass. Vehicles of port users and persons with legitimate business inside the port.

  7.4.3 Annual Pedestrian Pass Government or private officers holding office(s) inside the premises of PMO-Limay shall issue identification cards (IDs) to their employees and these cards shall serve as their access pass to PMO-Limay The following port users shall apply with PPD, PMO-Limay, for the issuance of an Annual Pedestrian Pass. Employees and brokers of trading firms, shipping companies, transportation companies transacting business at PMO-Limay Operators of port ancillary services, e.g. chandlers, water suppliers, canteen operators, bunker providers and linehandlers, among others.

  7.4.4 Temporary Pedestrian Pass Persons with legitimate transactions in the port not included in paragraphs and shall secure a temporary pedestrian pass before entering the port premises. Visitors of crew members of vessels in the port or at the anchorage area. Visitors of crew members of foreign vessels shall secure a pass issued by the shipping company together with a Boarding Pass issued by the Bureau of Customs, and such other like requirements by the Philippine Coast Guard, and other Government agencies/instrumentalities. Visitors of employees, dock workers and stevedores in the port. Children below fourteen (14) years old shall be accompanied by a guardian.

  7.5 Documents Required for the Issuance of Passes

7.5.1 Applicants for the issuance of PMO-Limay Passes shall secure and file the prescribed application forms at the Port Police Division, PMO-Limay. 

7.5.2 Applicants for annual vehicle pass shall submit the following documents upon the filing of their applications:

A. Cargo Vehicle Application/request from the vehicle owner Authority to represent the applicant Latest/Current Permit to Operate Current Bond for Land Carrier Certificate of Registration and Official Receipt from the Land Transportation Office For Hire Vehicles shall submit a Certificate of Public Convenience from the land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board. 

B. Non-Cargo/Private Vehicles Certificate of Registration and Official-Receipt from the Land Transportation Office Application/request from the vehicle owner

7.5.3 Applicants for temporary vehicle pass shall submit the following documents: 

  A. Cargo Vehicles Bill of Loading or Cargo Entry/Withdrawal Permit

  B. Non-Cargo/Private Vehicle Driver's License

7.5.4 Applicants for annual pedestrian pass shall submit the following documents: Request/Application Form Certification from employer that applicant is bona fide employee of the firm and is authorized to transact official business at PMO-Limay Permit to Operate/Clearance to Operate Two (2) pieces of 1" x 1" picture Port Police Clearance

7.5.5 Applicants for temporary pedestrian pass shall present an identification card or any document to identify the applicant before its issuance.

7.6 Regulatory Fees for Vehicle and/or Pedestrian Pursuant to PPA MO 01-90 and a memorandum issued by the Assistant General Manager-Operations dated November 21, 1997, the following regulatory fees for the issuance of PMO Limay passes are hereby prescribed to the collected from the applicants by the Resource Management Division (RMD), Finance Collection Unit, PMO-Limay 

 Annual Temporary  
Non-Cargo Vehicle PassPhp 50.00 Php 5.00/day  
Cargo Vehicle pass Php 100.00 Php 10.00/day 
Pedestrian PassPhp 15.00 Php 5.00/day  

7.7 Period of Application of Passes

Application forms for PMO Limay passes are available at Port Police Division, PMO Limay. These forms shall be filed from 01 January to 31 March of any given year. A surcharge of 20% of the regulatory fee for the pass shall be imposed on applications received after 31 March of any given year. 

7.8 Use of PPA PMO-Limay Passes

7.8.1 The annual vehicle pass shall be displayed at the lower left portion of the vehicle wiper/shield. 

7.8.2 Vehicle pass holes shall park their vehicles only at designated parking areas inside the port premises. 

7.8.3 The entry to the port of vehicle pass holders shall be limited to the available parking spaces at any given time. 

7.8.4 Vehicle pass holders shall observe the port's traffic and safety rules and regulations. 

7.8.5 The annual pedestrian pass shall be laminated by the holder at his own expense. This pass shall be displayed at the user's shirt/blouse while inside the port. 

7.8.6 Tampered passes shall be confiscated and the holder shall be held liable for any violations committed if warranted. 

7.8.7 PPA passes shall be honored if it is used for legitimate transactions in the port. 

7.8.8 PPA Pedestrian Pass is non-transferable and shall only be used by its duly registered owner. Violation of this provision shall be subject to administrative sanctions.

7.9 Loss of PPA Pass

7.9.1 Losses of annual pass shall be reported to Port Police Division, PMO-Limay. Application for replacements of lost passes shall be supported by an affidavit of loss and a written request of the employer.

7.10 Penalties 

Violations of any of the provisions of this Order shall be covered by Section 43, Presidential Decree 857, as amended. 

7.11 Repealing Clause 

All PPA orders, circulars and issuances at PMO-Limay inconsistent with this Order are repealed or amended accordingly. 

7.12 Effectivity

This Order shall take effect after fifteen (15) days following the completion of their publication in a newspaper of general circulation and after three (3) certified copies are filed with the University of the Philippines Law Center.

Date Filed: 26 March 2003

  Port Manager, PMO-Limay


  District Manager, PDO Manila/Northern Luzon

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