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Pursuant to Office Order No. 1 dated 4 January 1988 on the use of modest office attire, all CID officers shall observe the following rules and regulations:

1.       All male employees shall wear the polo barong or long sleeved uniform with CID logo when reporting to the office from Monday to Friday except Wednesday, which is a wash day. Wearing maong pants, T-shirts and rubber shoes on a wash day shall not be allowed.

2.       All female employees shall wear the white blouse with CID logo and navy blue blazer and skirt from Monday to Friday except Wednesday, which is a wash day. Wearing of tight jeans, slacks or pants, and sleeveless or backless blouse on a wash day is strictly prohibited.

3.       Uniforms are compulsary for all, except as exempted by the Commissioner. Uniforms are compulsary for the Executive Officer, members of the BSI and Division or Section Chiefs, except in the following cases:

3.1          When a female employee is pregnant;

3.2          When the employee is in mourning;

3.3          When allowed by the Commissioner;

3.4          When the employee is a participants in official sports activities, but only for the duration of the activity,

3.5          When there is a compelling and justifiable reason.

4.       The Division or Section Chief shall be responsible for enforcing the rule on uniforms in their respective offices.  The Security Force shall check and register in the logbook the names of employees who come to office without uniforms.  The list containing the names of erring employees shall be submitted to the Personnel Section every Friday afternoon.

5.       For violation of these Instructions, the following penalties shall be imposed:

5.1          After the first two violations, the Chief of Division or Section shall give a stem warning to the personnel.

5.2          After the third violation, the employee shall be given a memorandum or reprimand which shall form part of his 201 file.

5.3          After the fourth violation, the employee shall be required to explain in writing why no administrative charge shall be filed against him for insubordination.

5.4          After the fifth violation, the employee shall forfeit his clothing allowance, in addition to the administrative penalties.  The employee shall be required to provide his uniform at his own expense.

6.       The Technical Assistant for Administration shall be responsible for the implementation of these Instructions. She shall recommend to the Commissioner the proper action for any violation.

Adopted: 3 May 1988



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