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(NAR) VOL. 14 NOS. 1-2 / APRIL - JUNE 2003

[ BSP CIRCULAR LETTER, June 20, 2003 ]


By virtue of the authority vested in the Bangko Sentral by Republic Act No. 7653 and pursuant to Section 61 of Republic Act No. 8791, a call is hereby made for the publication by your institution of its Consolidated Statement of Condition and its subsidiaries and affiliates side-by-side with its Statement of Condition (head office, branches and other offices, domestic or foreign) as of 19 June 2003, in accordance with the revised forms and the instructions/guidelines for their accomplishment.

Such statements of condition (Solo and Consolidated) shall be published in a newspaper of general circulation in the city/province where the principal office, in the case of a domestic institution, or the principal branch/office in the case of a foreign bank, is located, but if no newspaper is published in the same province, then in a newspaper published in Metro Manila or in the nearest city/province.

Please be informed that the names and positions/designations of the members of the Board of Directors, President and Executive Vice President (Senior Vice Presidents if there are no Executive Vice Presidents) shall also be published as of June every year and presented in the right side column of the published statements (Circular No. 1339 dated May 18, 1992).

The original and a copy of the Statements of Condition (Solo and Consolidated) shall be submitted to the appropriate supervising and examining department of the BSP before the publication within twelve (12) banking days from receipt of this call.

Copies of the Statement of Condition (Solo and Consolidated) as published, together with the publisher's certificate, shall also be submitted to the appropriate supervising and examining department of the BSP within twenty (20) banking days from receipt of this call.

Adopted: 20 June 2003

  Deputy Governor

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